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Michael Jackson Live DVD in Munich 1992 - The Dangerous Tour

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By this petition we want to comunicate John Branca, co-executor from Michael Jackson's Estate, and SONY MUSIC, that many fans from the World are supporting this petition. The objective it's to get an unedited and NEW LIVE DVD from the legenday "DANGEROUS WORLD TOUR" from 1992. We want the first concert from the tour, which was in Germany in 1992, "Michael Jackson Live In Munich - The Dangerous World Tour in 1992". We all want this concert (Michael Jackson in Munich 1992) because it was the first concert from tour and it has the full setlist from the tour, including on it "The Way You Make Me Feel" and "Bad" performances. Years ago were shown "Billie Jean" and "Black Or White" performances and many snippets from other songs and we think it's an incredible concert. We (the fans) got tired of "Dangerous World Tour In Bucharest 1992" which was overedited, we want a new DVD.


We have a Facebook Page:

Where a lot of people are supporting us and making our dream coming a reality.

Please, make our dream a real thing...


Michael Jackson's Fans.

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