Keep teachers at home and safe.

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Governor Larry Hogan and Maryland State Superintendent of Schools Dr. Karen Salmon announced that they want schools to reopen no later than March 1st. Students will be allowed to choose between virtual and hybrid learning methods, yet teachers are not. 

My mother is currently a teacher at Centennial High School. She is immunocompromised and was given 2 options. Either return to school by March 1st or resign. How can that possibly be the way Howard County treats its staff? To make matters worse, she has still yet to receive the vaccine due to shortages and there is no plan to receive the vaccine even at best case till February. Any of the current vaccines on the market won't be effective till the second dose which is commonly spaced out from anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks meaning she will not be protected by the time she is forced to go back.

She must not go back to school in person. I understand and sympathize with everyone that wants everything to go back to normal. I want to go back to school just like every other person. However, under no circumstances should that affect the safety of others, and even worse, those affected should be given a choice, not an ultimatum.