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Immediate Release Ramon T. Martinez: Fight against a Corrupt System & Wrongful Conviction

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                My brother Ramon T. Martinez is a sweet, wonderful, outstanding person. Went to College and always was top of his class after graduating he acquired a full time Job working as a medical biller in the city if Fontana. CA. He was only 20 years old with a positive attitude his adult life had just begun there should be nothing but success ahead.  Little did we know that on the evening of October 21, 2004 in the town of Rubidoux, CA is where the tragedy of our family begins.

                Today Ramon is as positive as ever despite of the fact that he has been serving a sentence of more than 12 years for a crime he didn’t commit. While in prison Ramon has been a role model advancing academically, he now has an Associate’s Degree in Christian Ministry. He is currently working on his Bachelors Degree and pushing himself and our family to succeed academically and personally. Having Ramon in a State Prison is unjustified and has had a tremendous toll on my Mom, Family and Myself.

                No matter how hard my family tries to get Ramon back where he belongs with his family and not in a prison appeals are being denied one after another and justice has not been served. Since My brothers conviction the following but not limited to has occurred the DA in this case has been arrested for circumstances of an unrelated case, the key eye witnesses have recanted, prosecutor coached witnesses on what to testify and have now recanted, eye witness has clearly identified the real criminals, no gun residue was found on the defendants (Ramon’s) hand or vehicle. There is just no evidence tying him to the scene of the crime and no reason for Ramon to be behind bars. All these facts need to stop being brushed under the carpet.

                We have reached out to the innocent’s project based out of San Diego California and they have chosen to represent Ramon. The innocent’s project is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 and has freed 26 California Innocents project clients; they are dedicated to defend and represent inmates that have been wrongfully convicted and have justice finally served.     

Enough time has gone by and we need to do something about it. With your signature and the help of the innocents project Ramon will be a free man.

I am Elsy L Martinez, Sister and advocate of Ramon T. Martinez

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