Create an org that oversees Childrens Services outside of the Courts

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I am the mother of 2 boys, age 16 yrs old who on July 29th of 2011 were removed from my home by Childrens Services of Montgomery County of Ohio. If you were to ask the agency what I was found guilty of they would have to tell you nothing, they removed my children for nothing. I have been fighting for the last yr and half for my sons and CSB has done NOTHING to help me. Part of t heir mission statement is to "strengthen families" well if ignoring case plans and letting someone abuse the court system is how CSB justifys what they are doing then we as tax payers really need to look at this system. My ex has used the Mont county Prosecutor to plead his case. When I heard these very words come out of her mouth " Why are we ever doing this?" this tells me that ever she knows that it isnt right. Someone has to oversee these types of cases. If it has happened to me, it has happened to others. CSB bullied me into signing papers that I didnt want to by threatening me , they admitted they "skipped and missed steps in the course of this investigation but..." . An organization needs to be created that oversees what CSB is doing so that this type of abuse of the system does not EVER happen again. I have lost over a yr of my children lives and then some, they now call me "Tracy" instead of "Mom" and I blame not only my ex but CSB for this. If they had properly investigated things, followed the case plan I believe that the outcome would of been different. In all actuality, not removed my children from my home in the first place. I am asking for everyones help in this. I know it has happened to others, but lets not let it happen to anymore.

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