Close The Homeless Encampment Surrounding Morey Middle School

Close The Homeless Encampment Surrounding Morey Middle School

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A large homeless encampment of over 150 people  has grown to surround all four sides of Morey Public Middle School, DSISD High School, and several blocks into the immediate residential Capitol Hill Neighborhood. We, the undersigned, are compassionate citizens who believe there is a better way to serve the houseless, and to address the immediate crime, drug, education and health crisis that has gone unaddressed by the city.  Read More Here.

If you haven't seen just how egregious and inhumane conditions are, take a look at recent photos from the blocks surrounding Morey. 

For nearly three months, outside drug dealers have roamed these blocks  unchecked, bringing heroin and meth to the neighborhood, and further victimizing the houseless population. We witness deals in broad daylight, violence among the dealers, and open threats to neighbors who live here.  Many of our houseless neighbors are clearly fighting addiction. These dealers make intervention nearly impossible. 

Temperatures have reached over 100 degrees. The houseless do not have access to electricity, running water, bathrooms. Trash piles on all four sides have made the sidewalks impassable.  Human waste, used needles, small mountains of garbage have grown unmanageable.  There are now active Shigellosis, Hep A, and "Trench Fever" outbreaks, in addition to COVID-19 concerns. Read More Here. Our many calls to DDPHE, to outreach groups, and to the Police go largely unanswered. 

We are equally concerned about the physical and verbal abuse we witness against women within this encampment.  Most nights, neighbors can hear the screams of women being beaten, pulled from their tents, coerced into prostitution.  There is open prostitution most nights. 

There has been a dramatic increase in crime, bicycle thefts, attempted home invasions, car break ins and vandalism.  Bicycle "chop shops" have sprung up around all four sides of the school. Neighbors have been threatened, and can no longer walk outside after dark. Read More Here.

Staff of Morey Middle school returned July 20th.  We are concerned for their safety, and their ability to educate our children. Students and teachers will return in a few weeks. Read More Here.

Thus far, our calls to the Mayor  and the City Council have been met with inaction. The only plan seems to be the hope that houseless neighbors  will "choose to leave" by the time school starts, in another month. City leaders have said citizens are "just afraid of people living in tents."  Read More Here.

We ask that the City Of Denver and the The Denver Department of Public Health & Environment (DDPHE) take IMMEDIATE steps to close this current encampment. We ask they do so while providing each of the houseless neighbors resources, assistance and guidance in providing more sustainable, sanitary and safer options, many of which are currently availableRead More Here.