Oppose reduction of training hours for Barbers, Full Specialist, Nail Techs & Skin Care

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Florida Legislators are proposing in Senate Bill 1640 and House Bill 27 to reduce the number of training hours for a Barber from 1200 to 600 hours, for a Full Specialist from 500 to 300 hours, for Skin Care Specialist from 260 to 165 hours and for a Nail Technician from 240 to 150 hours. 

Educators will not be able to adequately train students in these lower hours to safely perform the services on the general public. 

Florida already has the lowest number of hours for these programs in the country and this proposed reduction will only make it more difficult for someone desiring to transfer their license to another state to do so without returning to school.

The reduction in the hours will significantly impact the Barber and Full Specialist students ability to attend school.   Barber students will see a 50% decrease in their Federal Pell grant eligibility and the Full Specialist student will no longer be eligible for Federal Pell grants.  (Federal Pell grants are free money awarded to students with the greatest financial assistance needed to attend school.)

We all have barbers, nail technicians and skin care specialists that we visit each day to receive the services they offer.  Join us in telling state Legislators to oppose Senate Bill 1640 and House Bill 27 and leave the already lowest hours in the country alone.