Plea for CM Michael Gunner to divert funding from museum to child protection crisis in NT

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We, the residents of the Northern Territory call on the Territory Government to immediately prioritise the reform of the child protection system, so the events like the horrible abuse of a 2-year old in Tennant Creek during the week of 15 February 2017 never happen again.

The Northern Territory Government:1

. Prioritise funding to ensure the sufficiency of child protection resourcing in remote and regional areas, such as Tennant Creek;

2. This should include diverting funding, as necessary, from unwanted and wasteful projects, such as the proposed Myilly Point museum and CBD underground car park;

3. Immediately agree to an review and audit of expenditure in the Northern Territory in the area of family and children’s services relevant to the prevention of harm to children, as recommended by the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory; and

4. Work constructively and cooperatively with the Commonwealth and Opposition to ensure that the child protection system is appropriately resourced and reformed so that it is fit for purpose and able to fully protect abused and at-risk children in the Territory

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