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Ofsted is not fit for purpose and is harming the education of our children. It should be reconstituted so it is free from political interference and operates to the highest professional standards

I have been a school governor for 14 years (I was chair for 8) and have been through four inspections of our school, all of which led to a “Good” judgement. Two of those inspections were excellent, but two were inadequate: the inspectors arrived with a clear agenda and narrow focus, already having made their judgement based on an inadequate understanding of our data and the real strengths of our school. After one of these inspections was completed, we discovered that none of the inspectors had ever been a teacher!

I have been horrified to read of many schools which Ofsted has moved from good or outstanding to special measures in the space of a few months or even weeks. This is just not credible for a school which has not gone through a significant change. It is clear that some inspectors are acting to a political agenda and are not behaving in an objective, independent and professional manner.

High-quality inspections are vital to ensure that a school is doing the best possible job of educating our children. An inspection should celebrate the areas where a school is doing well, and provide clear guidance, help and support for the areas where it needs to improve. In my experience Ofsted is carrying out this job to an inconsistent and sometimes very poor standard. It is antagonistic and aggressive rather than supportive, which has led to a climate of fear and intimidation amongst staff, and wastes large amounts of staff and governor time which could be spent on teaching and learning.

Ofsted is broken beyond repair. It needs a comprehensive reform to bring it up to the high standard that our children deserve.

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