Badger Cull - Support it!

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There are far too many badgers in the countryside.   The "natural balance" has been un-naturally upset by the so-called "badger lovers" - most of whom may never have come upon badgers in their (the badgers') home territory.

I live in the countryside - the South-East of England - where there are now virtually no hedgehogs because the badgers hunt them and eat them.   Consequently - there is a plague of slugs (one of the hedgehog's favourite foods); there are an increasing number of damaging car accidents caused by badgers; there are instances of young lambs being maimed and killed by badgers; fences are frequently broken by badgers asserting their "rights of free access"; dangerous holes in banks, hedgerows and woodland are dug by badgers wishing to increase the size of their living quarters.

A small number of badgers in any one area can be tolerated, but, with a blanket ban on controlling numbers, we are seeing an explosion of the badger population which can only end in tears when some natural infection takes hold in that species and almost wipes them out.   We need to balance the wishes of "badger-loving nature lovers" with the wishes of "badger-tolerant nature lovers".   To object to a licensed cull to control badger numbers in cattle country seems ridiculous, when a great number of people in this country still wish to eat and drink the foods that come from cattle. The damage done to herds of cattle who suffer from bovine TB is horrendous.   Do we really care more for badgers than we do for cows?  Much of our countryside is cared for by farmers who nurture cattle and sheep.   Without that care, our countryside would very rapidly revert to wilderness.

Is this what "nature-lovers" want?   If you want to preserve our wonderful countryside and support the farmers who help to keep it looking so beautiful, please sign this petition to encourage Michael Gove (and his eventual successors) to allow a sensible cull of badgers throughout this country to re-establish a reasonable balance in our farming eco-system.