Tax plastic polluters like Coca Cola & Nestlé and demand they half plastic production 2025

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A massive THANK YOU to every one of you who has signed our petition so far!

First and foremost, we hope that you and your loved ones are keeping safe and well during these unprecedented and unpredictable times of change, that are affecting us all.

Throughout this shared journey, of adjusting to a different way of living and working during the coronavirus crisis, we wanted you to know we're keeping a close eye on the rapidly changing plastic pollution situation. We remain unswerving in our work to help create a world free from pointless plastic.

During the lockdown, please continure sharing and help us to help our friends @surfersagainstsewage to continue to expose huge plastic polluters.

We think their #RetunToOffender is an Awesome Campaign! So why not TAKE ACTION on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by taking part… digitally too?

When you see a branded piece of plastic pollution while you’re out on your daily exercise, simply SNAP IT and SHARE IT.

• #SeeIt – find branded items on beaches, rivers, parks, streets and countryside
• #SnapIt – take a picture of it, clearly showing the brand name
• #ShareIt– Using Twitter or Instagram, share the picture with the hashtags #ReturnToOffender & #SurfersAgainstSewage and don’t forget to tag it with the brand’s social media account and @surfersagainstsewage @rawfoundationuk


Surfers Against Sewage will record all the items you find and the manufacturers who are producing it in a Brand Audit. At the end of the campaign, they will analyse and publish the results, highlighting the most polluting brands and calling for them to reduce their packaging.

Melinda Watson
7 months ago