Getting serious about tackling climate change, UK Gov has powers to act - let's use them.

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Worried about the climate changing? I realise it's been twenty years since I first became concerned. Every additional CO2 molecule released from fossil fuels adds to the earth's atmospheric blanket, trapping in heat. They can stay there for around 1000 years. This is a serious problem. Weather extremes like this Summer's heatwave affect the vulnerable and poor most.  Last decade I helped the Climate Change Act become law -  it has its 10th anniversary this year. The UK has been making progress but we are still not acting quickly enough. Electricity is getting cleaner but vehicles, heating fuels and agriculture continue to add to the problem. Not enough has been done to encourage investment in solutions. We have grown relatively rich and comfortable thanks to the fossil fuel economy but now we need to fix the problems that come with it - our disrupted climate and polluted air. Fortunately, part 3 of the Climate Change Act means the Government can act quickly to get investments flowing to the solutions we know are out there.  Let's use them. Government urgently needs to start a consultation on making use of the powers it already has to drive change.