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Getting impoverished countries back on their feet (Issues global aid contribute towards)

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I want to raise awareness to help and solve the issues and detrimental effects that Non-governmental Organizations have on developing countries around the world.

I am sure that many people have volunteered at Feed my Starving Children and donated clothing and shoes to go to countries in Africa and other sorts of Global Aid Organizations whose purpose is to help impoverished countries and people around the world. After volunteering, you usually feel great and accomplished, as they have just provided meals for many families in need. What many people are unaware about is the reality and the true effects that Global Aids have on developing countries. 

Last year, I took a class at my school called AP Human Geography. We learned about many different things throughout the year. One of the things that I found very interesting and has always stuck with me, is the fact that Global Aid does more harm than good. I was so shocked! I, like many other people, have volunteered at different places and donating clothes and shoes for people in impoverished countries. Learning all the fact was very eye opening and surprising. We watched a documentary called Poverty INC, and this is something that really made me want to make a difference and try to help. 

What they explain in the documentary, is that many countries have NGOs (Non-governmental Organizations) set up and handing out free clothes and food to the people in the country. Their purpose and the intentions they have a truly for the best, but what is an issue is that true effect that they have on the country for the long run. When these organizations come in to hand out, what they call in the documentary, "free stuff", they give the people the stuff for free and help them for a short term solution. They get food in their bellies, clothes on their backs, and shoes on their feet. But what ends up happening in the long run is they run out the local business. So, when the NGOs are done after a couple years, there are no places that sell clothes, food, or shoes or whatever the NGO was giving out. No one in an impoverished country is going to pick paying for goods, when they have the option of getting it for free from the Global Aids. This results in a poor economy for the country and other issues.

To find out more about this issue, visit the website below for the documentary talked about above. You can find Poverty INC on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and more! 

Help make a difference with a long term, positive effect on impoverished countries!

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