James Bond - No Time To Die: Bring the film into cinemas AND as stream in November 2020!

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The fourth delay of NO TIME TO DIE from MGM/EON (Michael G. Wilson & Barbara Broccoli) is a mess and no solution. We have to live and deal with Corona virus, it won't say "Goodbye, folks! It was nice with you." in January, February or March!!!
Absolutely wrong decision that all studios made. 
What do they expect? Really, what???
Studios delayed all big Blockbusters to next year. Yeah, great decision. EON lost already enough money for the whole publicity, which started few weeks ago...AGAIN.
They want money from cinemas, but they bury them.  It is not just a film, it is a sign for the whole industry, the whole economy. Think further! What do you think, next year April? Another statement from MGM/EON: We will delay Bond to November 2021. They lose money for nothing.

Please sign up for the release of NO TIME TO DIE in November 2020 via streaming service AND cinema.