Reduce The Amount of Fatal Police Confrontations

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Police brutality refers to a form of misconduct by a police officer by using an excessive amount of force towards a civilian in violation of said civilian's rights. Although it is an issue that is commonly associated with the United States, police brutality is a very real issue in Canada as well. In Canada since 2000, more than 460 people have died in confrontations with police officers, and more than 70% of these people were struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues at the time. Such a large number of victims is unacceptable, as police officers are seen as symbols of authority and safety, and not as threats. 

In order to reduce the amount of fatal police confrontations, the city of Toronto must dedicate funding towards creating a new police training that focuses on using peaceful tactics to de-escalate situations and teaches police officers how to detect signs of mental illness or substance abuse issues, so as to be able to better assess threats to the public and to themselves. 

Such training tactics have been used by the Hamilton Police Service, and were successful enough that other police forces have begun adopting such methods of training. The city of Toronto should be next, as the job of a police officer is not only to protect civilians, but to save lives and not take them.