Make Meningococcal vaccination compulsory and free in Tasmania

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The other petitions on this issue have focussed on two solutions.  Making the vaccine free and including the B strain. I believe that even if both of these solutions are adopted, kick starting last year's failed free program for 15-19 year olds, with the addition of the B strain will not fix the problem. Why not?

That only 2/3 of 15-19 year old, at risk teenagers have taken advantage of the Govermment's previous free meningococcal vaccination program is deeply saddening but hardly surprising, given the propensity towards risk taking at that age.

For such a program to have worked, vaccination through schools should have been compulsory. Worse still, the Government program was restricted to years 10-12, when most 15 year olds turn 15 in year 9.

Could the government please explain why one quarter of their identified at risk group had their vaccinations delayed by a year?

I call for a re-start of the government's meningococcal school vaccination program but this time, please make it compulsory and also available to 15 year olds in grade 9.