Change the Leith overpass design to STOP the acquisition and destruction of family homes!

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Save our family home!

My parents, Faye and Leo, have lived in Leith for over 34 years. In a scene lifted straight out of the movie "the Castle" they’ve received a letter from a contractor working for the State Government that their home is going to be "compulsorily acquired" to make way for a new overpass for the Bass Highway.

They’re lucky: some of their neighbours didn’t get a letter at all, but the plans seem to include bull-dozing their houses too.

My parents literally built their house with their own hands, while they raised us, and worked numerous jobs to pay for their forever home. They’ve been tending the gardens ever since. 

My parents are hard working, every day Australians. Their lives haven’t been without difficulties, with Leo fighting for his life in hospital due to medical conditions in the past. 

This is their history. This is their place in the world.

Any day they could get a letter that tells them that they have to negotiate with lawyers to decide on a dollar value that will compensate them for having to watch their home be bulldozed to make way for an overpass. They don’t want money: they want their home.

No one can even explain why the overpass MUST go through theirs’ or their neighbours’ houses. No one can explain what other designs have been considered.

This process is rushed, and there hasn’t been enough communication and consultation with the people of Leith like my parents.

People in the position of being able to change the overpass design, to prevent property acquisition and unnecessary destruction of property and family homes are NOT listening. Help us change this before it is too late! 

If you think this is not the way the government should be treating honest, hard-working people who have put in the hard-yards to build their little piece of paradise, then please consider signing this online petition.