End Legalization of Slavery and Rape in Colorado and United States

End Legalization of Slavery and Rape in Colorado and United States

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Sherilyn Kirchoff started this petition to Senator Michael F. Bennet and


The laws currently being enforced allow an abuser to freely harass the surviving parent and children through Talking Parents. This is a great resource to verify instances of inappropriate communication it statements. But for survivors of extreme domestic terrorism, the website becomes the "Stalking Rapists" playground. 

As soon as possible, abusers are given the opportunity to take the child(ren) hostage, in a practice known as "Unsupervised/ Overnights". The abuser can also continue controlling their survivors' time (two evenings per week totally shot) with a traumatic "Visit". And the abuser can continue depleting the survivors' scant resources by avoiding child support payments and demanding the expensive "visits" (while the abuser exploits their next target to pay for those "visits"). In my family's situation, that first "exchange" for Unsupervised Visitation is either going to be the day my former owner disappears with my son, or the exchange time will be when he decides to kill me, as he's been threatening for the duration of his Ownership of us ("I'll kill you like I did -Confidential Woman- !" She's alive, btw.). 

In short, the State of Colorado fully enforces the practices of Rape and Slavery as the "laws of the land". This dehumanization of men and women, especially those of color and those with disabilities, obviously needs to change! I'm proposing not only safer "visitation" standards and opportunities, but more ways for parents who *actually do love* their estranged children to be able to become more sensitive, caring, and active parents for those children. All without the abuser and the Visitation Racketeering Firms being able to extort gobs of money from surviving families! Nor will parents who genuinely love their children be barred from them… as soon as those parents can show love toward, and positive efforts for, their children. That can easily be accomplished by verifying that they have completed applicable classes, improved their lifestyle (better employment or housing, sobriety, therapy/ counselling, clean criminal record, etc.), are showing nurturing behavior toward their children, and are not being aggressive or dangerous to the other parent. 

My top goal is to protect survivors from abusers and predators. My son's and my lives are at stake! However, I can't continue my Report without also supporting the efforts and endeavors of struggling (but genuinely loving) parents. They need and deserve the opportunity to improve their situations, so that any parenting time that they do have is beneficial to the children. The benefits of "Visitation" should not be reserved for the corporate visitation racketeering firms and abusive predators, whom the current laws currently, joyously, corruptly, serve.


This first proposal, for Video Visitation to supplement (replace in more dire situations) supervised institutional visitation, serves both of my goals: to ensure safety of Survivors, while giving loving parents an active presence in their children's lives. Many long-distance families (even those whom domestic violence/captivity do not effect) benefit greatly from the ability to communicate and visit conveniently through a video screen. For a non-violent relationship, video visits can be easily scheduled over a communication medium like text message or the Talking Parents website. 

This will enable either or both parents to relocate their respective families wherever in the United States, or around the world, that they'd like (better opportunities, less prejudice, family nearby, etc.), while still being able to easily schedule visits as often as the parents wish to. Video visits can be scheduled more frequently for parents who show better relationship factors (see below: Verification of Positive Effort). For relationships which were/are especially stressful or dangerous in nature, mediators, counselors, friends, and/or family members can be appointed, hired, or volunteer to be present during the video visits. Either of the parties may also choose to have an extra camera available for assuring civility and safety (threat deterrent) during the video visit, especially if there is difficulty in arranging for an extra person to be present. The practice of a video visit will ensure the safety of survivors (no close proximity during the exchange), the comfort of the survivors (in their chosen area), the comfort of the non-custodial parent (as opposed to an institutionalized setting). Additionally, this new method of video visitation will remove and neutralize the constant mystery, suspense, danger, hostage feeling, and extreme extortionate cost associated with traditional supervised visitation racketeering firms. 

Parents should decide, together or with mediation, if and when to begin supervised or unsupervised visitation. In-person visits shouldn't be forced on survivors, especially if there are concerns for safety and wellbeing. The decision to move forward with supervised or unsupervised visits should be made if and when the relationship (and applicable safety/ wellbeing factors involved) has become stable enough to comfortably allow for in-person visits. 


My second proposal will also ensure the safety and wellbeing of Survivors, while giving loving parents the opportunity to make efforts toward improving the situation and relationship between them and their estranged children: **Verification of Child/ Spousal Support and Required Classes**. Face it, there's a massive difference between: 

A hypothetical parent successfully continuing (if applicable) drug rehab, staying sober, etc., improving their lifestyle (better job, housing, etc.), completing at least one parenting class course set (will be required for parents), completing at least one anger management course set (will be required for domestic violence), receiving therapy if needed, and paying all applicable Child/Spousal Support and other fees associated with the Case. (There is room for understanding in cases of financial hardship: opportunity for payment plans, reductions, mediation, etc.)

A hypothetical parent who harasses the other parent with constant demands, while proudly avoiding any or all of their legal responsibilities and breaking Court Orders without repentance, especially in a dangerous or abusive manner (violating a restraining order, not taking classes, not making required payments, making threats, stalking, attacking, etc.). 

In the first hypothetical, the struggling parent who cares, they should be granted the opportunity to document and verify the efforts they're making. Examples:

Certificates from completed classes (Mandatory before being placed on any Visitation Tiers)
Receipts from paid fees and support (Mandatory before being placed on any Visitation Tiers)
Messages/ Actions showing loving/nurturing intentions toward children
Positive involvement in the child's life (science project via video visit, good conversation over the phone, birthday presents, bedtime stories on a video visit or recorded file)
Voluntarily giving portion of Freedom Dividend and/ or Social Credits to child, to be counted as extra support payments, or volunteering to settle arrears.
Creating a savings account (in the custody of the residential County), to be used as an emergency fund for the child, or expense for In-Person visitation (when a non-custodial parent has reached that relationship responsibility milestone, or is progressing toward that point).
In cases of financial hardship of either parent, those funds may be accessible after Application and successful Mediation/ Agreement.
Verification of attaining, continuing, and/ or improving: 
clean criminal record

In the second hypothetical, the derelict deadbeat who is making demands while shirking responsibilities, they should be held accountable. Examples:

Video visitation suspended until requirements are met
Wage garnishment if delinquent on support payments or legal fees
Bernie Sanders's Federal Jobs Guarantee to aid in finding legitimate employment. Many non-custodial parents who don't make their support payments use temp services, beg for money, or find under-the-table-cash jobs to Evade. We'll instead give them a better job, and they'll work off their arrears. 
This should be a voluntary opportunity, to be required of a parent only if: support payments are delinquent by more than one year (or $2,500 whichever happens first), or they become incarcerated (as an extension to Huber), or if they are a violent/criminal offender… This option should be required for only the more serious cases, and voluntary for cases in good standing, or with minor delinquency.
More classes being required if continuously truant
Travel abilities restricted until requirements are met (no dodging support payments by leaving the state or country)
Parental rights (contact with children, claiming them on tax returns, etc.) suspended until requirements are met.
Garnishment of 33% of Andrew Yang's Freedom Dividend until dues are paid: ONLY if support payments are delinquent by more than one year (or $2,500 whichever happens first), or they become incarcerated, or if they are a violent/criminal offender… This option should be required for only the more serious cases, and voluntary for cases in good standing, or with minor delinquency.

This proposal to require Verification of Parental Responsibilities being met will greatly benefit all parents, especially loving parents who are trying to improve, and the survivors of domestic abuse:

Positive actions will be awarded Parent Points, which may be used to:
Attain Video Visit time 
Graduate to Supervised Visitation (if the custodial parent agrees, and if there would be no danger involved)
Graduate to Unsupervised Visitation (if the custodial parent agrees, and if the non-custodial parent shows good cause and good faith in being able to make this a positive experience for everyone involved).
Going to great lengths to end the commonplace practice of being a deadbeat parent.
Even unrepentant predatory "parents" would be much more likely to show some positive efforts, if only to maintain their presence.
Greatly reducing the opportunity for stalking and harassment of abuse survivors. 
Giving an opportunity for repentant non-custodial parents to defend their right to be the best parents they can be, as they improve their circumstances. Positive action yields rewards, the opportunity to be a more active part of your children's lives.



This Jim Crow Law means that even the most abusive, psychotic, predatory, scumbag gets to summon their Survivors to appear for a "visit" whenever they want to feel the old Control again. The Abuser may be less qualified than a nine-year-old sibling (I raised my brothers) to be around their own children, but that's not going to stop them from needing to briefly pretend to be a parent, since it gives them so much of that old Control they've been missing in this new Post-Ownership phase of their life. 

Escape for the Survivors from abusive Captivity is only available in brief intervals, to be broken any time of day, night, weekday, and weekend. The abuser gets the opportunity to financially exploit their next target, making the independent choice for themselves, while also forcing the surviving parent to pay a Visitation Racketeering Firm anywhere from $35- $70/ hour. The steep extortionate fees, charged to both Parents, openly commercializes the commonplace practices of Rape and "Domestic Captivity", more widely known as Slavery. Since this fee is paid by both parents, and whenever the abuser chooses, this tactic gives the abuser the right to continue stealing money from their Survivors, even if they also aren't paying the Spousal and Child Support that their Survivors need and deserve (two methods to easily financially exploit survivors of abuse). 

This "Visitation" is enforced by the racketeering firm, regardless of any factors related to danger, delinquency, traumatic effects to the child because of the visitation, etc. After summoning the Survivors on a whim, and exploiting them for more money, the abuser is then able to put on an impressive dramatic display about how they "miss the old days of when they were a family". (Of course they miss being able to abuse and exploit their former prey, that's why Predators perpetuate the Abuse Cycle as long as possible!) A few repetitions of the cheesy "sentimental" act, and piles of cash, given by one Predatory/ Abusive parent and stolen from the Survivor, (like the blood sacrifice that reawoke Voldemort in the Harry Potter series. Yay for "justice"...) is enough for the Visitation Racketeering Firm to convince the Court that the Abuser is worthy of "Unsupervised Visitation". This progression gives the abuser free reign to abuse and neglect the children, putting them in terror to prevent them from speaking up, exactly as the children and their other parent were put in terror for the duration of the "relationship". This inevitable progression is how the traumas of Slavery and Rape are discounted, and the practices are made to seem "normal" to the Courts, Society, and the permanently scarred Survivors. This is how the Survivors never get the Peace and Closure they risked their lives hoping in vain to be blessed with. Getting the abuser out of the home is only one step. Slavery never ends when a domestic captor can summon their survivors on a whim, controlling large blocks of their time, and stealing massive amounts of money from them!

In the hypothetical case off the parent who's striving to improve their situation, yet being barricaded by the current System, and barred from their children… Non-custodial parents who genuinely live their children must have the Right to enrich their lives, and provide for their children's financial, physical, and emotional needs. It's most important to protect the child from any abusive/ neglectful tendencies that a non-custodial parent may still be struggling with. But that parent should know that any of their righteous efforts will bear fruit (graduation to visitation tiers), and that they can benefit their children (paying support, sending birthday/ holiday presents, helping with homework if in adequate visitation tier, etc). To make a non-custodial parent jump through flaming hoops, then deny them basic parental rights, is cruel to an aspiring/ reforming parent. It creates a disincentive for positive effort, teaching hopelessness to someone who struggles, and encourages backpedaling in the progress they've made. That's just as detrimental to the parents and the children, as it is to overextend parental rights to a non-repentant abuser or predator. The system removes a potentially positive aspect in the child's life, and won't allow an aspiring parent the opportunity to improve and develop.


This Slavery law says that even a Rapist and Serial Predator gets parental rights until harm has befallen the child. Jim Crow judge Jennifer Torrington knows about Master Thomas owning and selling knives, she knows about his plot to abduct Aaron from his preschool, she knows that Master Thomas grabbed my son by the back of his neck as a standard control protocol. That could have paralyzed or killed Aaron at any time. I proved beyond any doubt that any contact with Master Thomas is "detrimental" to my son and myself. But the Jim Crow Judge showed her delight in enforcing Rape and Slavery as the Laws of Colorado. She smiled broadly and dusted her hands theatrically when she told "Ms. Stetzer" that she wasn't changing her "ruling". 

This Slavery law means that an abuser can use the surviving child as an excuse to harass their survivors using the Talking Parents ("Stalking Rapist") website, control huge chunks of their time, and steal massive amounts of cash, with a hostage-transfer "visit" at a Racketeering Firm. Five messages on a Sunday night, demanding a "visit"? That's an abuser's Right, survivors deserve harassment because they're not immediately obeying Master. 

I won't have any legal Right to keep Aaron and myself safe from Master Thomas until after he's already harmed us… Murdered me, Abducted Aaron, both..? By the time he carries out his schemes, it may be way too late to do anything about him. And the authority in Denver is all too happy to make sure it happens like that. The government of the State of Colorado wants me to die. They want my son to be another Serial Predator/ Rapist/ Slave Owner. I can't allow it! Compliance means Slavery Until Death.


This makes a lot of sense for loving parents! One of my former masters in Wisconsin was barred from his older child because the child's abusive mother moved the child to a location nearly 1,000 miles away (she has family there). Visitation was promised, but almost never happened. We weren't able to pursue Visitation Rights, because "the child's father willingly signed the visitation agreement"..? That somehow negated his Right to have the agreement enforced..?

However, in Colorado, this law means that Master Thomas can move to a secret location in Westminster, but I can't move elsewhere in Denver without him filling his permission in Court. I can't take a short vacation anywhere without carrying a copy of Master Thomas's Permission Slip. I need "Road Papers" because my son and I are Slaves. Master Thomas can freely move, "work", and travel as he wishes. This "legal measure" keeps us contained, to force us to comply with Master Thomas's obsessive needs for Control and Ownership.

This Slave Containment law can be easily reversed with my Law Proposals. Since I can easily show that: 

Master Thomas is equally obsessed with his demands, and infringing on my family's Rights
His criminal behavior, combined with his ownership of knives, threats to Murder me, and plot to abduct my son, show the clear and present danger he presents to us both

In-person "visits", whether they're supervised or not, would be extremely unwise. We would be allowed to leave Denver behind us, and Master Thomas would be put on the Parent Point System. He'll be fortunate to be able to work his way up to possibly, eventually, being allowed Video Visitation. If he's ever able to handle any in-person visitation tiers, it'll be his responsibility to cover travel expenses.


As Ordered by Jim Crow judge Jennifer Torrington, two hours weekly of supervised visitation, being forced to pay $50/hour, (the median, not average) costs my ENTIRE $400 TANF benefit. Without receiving Slave-imony and Rape Support, and with no time to market my online businesses or YouTube Channel, I will probably soon be unable to path any of our basic household bills. I'll need to beg for money with a cardboard sign, for my son and myself to continue survival. Otherwise, no bills (including Sect 8 Rent) can get paid. My son and I can't outgrow or outwear our clothes. He can't have the toys I rarely have any money to purchase for him at thrift stores. I can't invest anything into my Arts and Crafts business. I'll soon be losing my ability to pay for internet and basic mobile phone services, so there goes my ability to correspond with the NAACP, NAN, Change.org Petitions, Yang Staffers, or anyone else who I may be able to work with to end the Slavery and Rape Laws in the United States. I'll lose the slim amount of time I have for documenting the Yang Campaign and my Civil War efforts on my YouTube Channel. My son and I will become homeless again three months after the Rent stops being paid. We will then need to live in the poor junker Chevy that Old Master Thomas Stetzer bought from a scrap salvager (he hoped in vain to extend my dependence on him). I needed to fly the cardboard in the spring and summer of 2019 to afford the vital engine repairs and replace the ancient (dry rotten) tires. I injured my knee while I was on the walking path with that cardboard sign. Some members of the Yang Gang showed me a few online business opportunities, with minimal operation cost. But if my business endeavors don't pick up (I sold $20 in jewelry products in September 2019), I'll need to take up the cardboard again to keep my son and myself living indoors, let alone meeting any of our other daily needs. And we'll continue existing in fear and dread, knowing that Thomas Stetzer will be summoning us for another traumatic pageant visit again any day now. And how the HELL do I explain to an almost five year old boy, that a dangerous serial predator (attacking disabled women since 1979, exploiting homeless prostitutes since January 2019) is safe to visit, because the visit is in an institutionalized enclosure, with Lisa the lion-sitter in the room, who's hired to enjoy the predator's short prepared show, and happy to take gobs of cash from the Predator (voluntarily) and the Surviving Prey (by force)?!?!? 

And then the inevitable point when the abuser is inevitably again given Dominion over the children, and the surviving parent can't do anything to keep the abuser from doing whatever they want to their helpless children. This is the horror of "Unsupervised Visitation/ Overnights/ Weekends". The constant traumatization of the Survivors is of no consequence to the Courts, and is certainly no problem for the Visitation Racketeering Firms! This is how the United States of America has continued to turn Rape and Slavery into hugely profitable exploitative Racketeering corporations. And *any woman or man* can be taken as prey. I've seen so many single parents and their children caught in this industrialized grinder...

My Dad survived VietNam. However, his second wife routinely beat him, then shot him in the head when he was drunk, hiding in the liquor, just like his Dad. Grandpa served in WWII, but was brutalized by Grandma for decades afterward. Grandpa somehow made a truce with Grandma after the booze and tobacco almost killed him. He suffered with an almost destroyed body for years afterward, but at least Grandma got along with him. Two generations, both Army Veterans, who suffered constant abuses until death or near-death. 

Then myself, being born to a psychotic skank, who didn't feel that she "deserved a defective kid". Yay for maternal instincts, huh? I was doomed from birth, and therefore spent all of my sentient years (from age six forward) wishing I had the courage to commit Suicide (that Kavorkian dude I heard about on the radio made a lot of sense to me:) Why continue a life that is chronic punishment? If you're going to spend the last short bit of your existence suffering in disease or physical torture, why make yourself continue to suffer until it (disease or abuser) decides to kill you? By then, you wish death would have just mercifully hurried up...

Through my youth, I clung to the slim chance that even a "defect" like myself could be allowed to live in peace somewhere, and serve a purposeful existence there. Everything was perfect when I was 18: I escaped Captivity in my mother and stepdad's home, with help from my new boyfriend and his step-sister. I finished high school on my own, my boyfriend helped me apply for the SSDI that he was blessed with. (If he's disabled, I'm not sub-human for being disabled too, right?) A little bit before Graduation, we got Engaged, and went to a fertility clinic, with high hopes of having one or two children together. They even gave us a huge discount, since we were young, poor, and disabled. When my pre-cancerous ovarian cysts were discovered, I allegedly became a "barren shell of a woman, incapable of extending the family line". Ah, the wonders of love… I was thereafter forbidden from any health care (why waste the money if I'll be dead of cancer before 30 anyway?), forbidden from pursuing my SSDI case (I'm not disabled, I'm just worthless), forbidden from pursuing a job (I'll just run off with the first guy I meet there), forbidden from having friends or socializing at all, unless the crazy cracker was with me (same accusation of infidelity). Knives and heavy objects went flying into apartment walls regularly, with the reminder that "I deserved to have those injuries, but he was a gentleman, and would never hurt a woman".

After experiencing a year and a half of this brand of Slavery Hell, my mother's brother agreed to take me in, if I found a ride there. My new Ex Fiancee was the only one willing to drive the 60 mile round trip. What a Prince among men… My aunt and uncle weren't much better, calling me a "whore" (to my face, and to friends of theirs) for leaving this abusive man. After all, I made my bed, I should lie in it. "Strong Christian Women, (like my aunt) bear beatings and dehumanizing treatment with Jesus's patience and Christian Love, knowing that this unjust treatment in their earthly life will buy their way into Heaven." Give you a case of the head-thuds, huh? I think she picked up that self-destructive philosophy from her self-help books… My status with them was further lowered when I failed to stay steadily employed during the economy crash of 2007, flood of 2008, and steady economic decline since then. I also seemed to prove my "whorish tendencies" by having male **friends**. Nobody could fool my aunt and uncle into believing this "friend zone garbage"! They're just "way too smart". (More head-thuds…)

But I couldn't allow myself to go out like Dad and Grandpa (I spent most of my 20s in the taverns trying though, don't get me wrong!). I finally resolved myself to Survival upon discovering that CBD strains of marijuana (the only medication allowed to me by Master Thomas Stetzer during his five-year period of ownership, in Colorado) saved me from the pre-cancerous ovarian cysts I was diagnosed with at age 18, and allowed me to have a Child. Even though my son was conceived because of and through enforcement of the Laws of Rape and Slavery, realizing that I could *have* a child showed me that there *needs to be* an opportunity out of Slavery… Somehow. My son will NOT live his life as a Fourth Generation Slave! And I'll be damned if he'll continue being trained to become a fourth generation Slave Owner! 

Master Thomas Stetzer needs finally (after forty-one years as a serial predator) to lose the power to take women as his Captive Property! But the System in Denver, CO has shown time and again that they disagree... The Powers That Be: the Po' Leash, Government Slumlords, and Jim Crow judges; instead view Thomas Stetzer as a valuable, money-generating member of Society. He is an ignorant Cracker (can't fill out paperwork or use technology) who can briefly make disabled women "useful to Capitalism" by trafficking and exploiting them. Since Operation Freedom, Thomas Stetzer has been freely allowed to make himself similarly "useful" to homeless women, having gone through at least seven in the year since. Comments he's made on the Court-Appointed Talking Parents/ "Stalking Rapists" website (another Racketeering Organization that commercializes in Rape and Household Terrorism, but at least they don't force payment for the constant harassment) lead me to strongly suspect that an EIGHTH woman escaped Captivity in January 2020: "I miss my wife and what we built together", "I never forced anything sexual with knives", etc. Eeeeewwwwww!!!! Crusty old cracker!! He can't handle that Slavery is over, and Denver is perfectly fine with his denial and desperation.

My son and I could have been murdered at any time during our period in Captivity. After five years of Stetzer Slavery Hell, we barely managed to remove Thomas Stetzer from the home, and keep him out. We have no Right to Slave-imony or Rape Support (continued financial abuse). And Master Thomas can have people monitoring me (he had one person spying for a while, but I reminded her that she would be causing herself some serious legal trouble by spying and reporting). He can use the Police to pretend to be performing another civil assist. Being a disabled Mom who hasn't yet won the fight with the Slavery Enforcing SSDI Bureau, Jim Crow judges can accuse me of being a "Welfare Queen, voluntarily unemployed to try to bilk money from the other parent, who is able-bodied and employed" (his probation officer most likely wanted him to quit selling knives and marijuana to the homeless, and quit buying their food stamps and stolen products). This is how my son and I are being further punished, and held in Thomas Stetzer's Captivity, by a corrupt Jim Crow Judge, Jennifer Torrington in Denver, CO. I fit into the group (women with disabilities) that my Predator has attacked exclusively for the last forty years. Since Operation Freedom, he progressed to drug-addicted homeless prostitutes, a group who is even more defenseless in modern society. Such an evolution in modus operandi would lead forensic psychologists to strongly suspect that he's becoming increasingly unstable.

Thomas admitted, in the courtroom, that he owns and sells knives to the homeless (marketing outside the Denver Rescue Mission), and anyone else in Denver who can pay his asking price (marketing near our former Coalition apartment in Lowry). He said that I was *selling knives for him*, which is a round-about admission that he was Trafficking me during his time illegally vending. I was not his "employee": not compensated for my labor, not trained in how to do the work, not licensed to do the work, not allowed to use the restroom during work. I was his Slave. I worked when Master Thomas put me to work. All of the sales revenue went directly into Master's pocket. It was just like with every other dollar or resource, from Mother's Day 2014 until he was removed from my Section Eight home (by a Sheriff Deputy with my Restraining Order) on 29 Jan 2019. "Paper In Man's/ Master's Pocket" is where the word PIMP came from. And that was Law #1 in Stetzer Slavery Hell.

Thomas also stated in Court that it was his goal to remove my son and his preschool from the Restraining Order so that he may arrive at school, pretending to want a visit (preschools aren't licensed supervised visitation locations, so he can't do that), but then taking the opportunity of his arrival at school to Abduct my son. Jim Crow judge Jennifer Torrington reacted to Thomas's voiced plot by reiterating that my son and his school aren't protected anymore, and that she wouldn't change her Ruling to protect them (while smiling, dusting her hands, and calling me Ms. Stetzer, which WAS my Slave Name at that point, at the end of the flea circus "Divorce Hearing".) Thankfully, both my son's Preschool, and his future Elementary school, have dealt with this "Predator/ Aspiring Abductor Situation" more often than Kamala Harris has performed those uncomfortable Lead Prosecutor duties that she doesn't like to admit counting (like letting parents know that her Po' Leash murdered their children). My son's institutions for education are MUCH safer than Jim Crow judge Jennifer Torrington wants them to be! The old master will NOT be causing ANY danger to schools filled to capacity with children and teachers! Their Security Staff is ready to detain and arrest Thomas Stetzer for Premeditated Attempted Kidnapping, if he's actually dumb and arrogant enough to try it. 

And this is why I have Cases opening with the National Action Network, change.org, and the NAACP. Because my suicide wish from my youth, and plan from July 2014, is far better than Colorado's Slavery Hell. But I don't have that option, to be able to quietly remove myself from the torture that humans so joyfully deliver… because my son deserves a better outcome: He's a brilliant builder. Aaron loves anything regarding dinosaurs. He's a creative artist (give him colorful or noisy objects, and watch him go!) Aaron's always been a skilled athlete (the only area Master Thomas allowed him to develop). But now he's also a wonderful friend (gentle behavior had been taught to be regarded as weak and feminine, but now Aaron is usually a gentle giant). For us to remain in Slavery, and for Aaron to become a Slave Owner, as Thomas Stetzer and the state of Colorado desperately desire, is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! My son can finally be **Free** from Slavery Hell! He can have any future he wants, but only if Jim Crow Colorado allows it! Otherwise, it's just a matter of time before Thomas Stetzer kills me, and takes my son, to resume his first four years of Brutality Training. I can't allow my son to become a continuation of my rapist, designed and engineered by him! There's nothing good in that! 

Aaron Kirchoff is so much the opposite of what Aaron Stetzer was becoming! Aaron Kirchoff sings his ABCs, when he washes his hands, after using the bathroom all by himself, because he's a big boy now. Aaron Stetzer used to severely injure his classmates at least twice a week, and hide in a corner of the room to poop in his diaper. He used to communicate by screaming and by hitting. Now, Aaron loves story time! He retells stories after we've read them together a few times. He hugs all his favorite people whenever he sees us. Aaron wants to "keep Mommy and Moo Moo Kitty safe from Bad Guy Daddy", and gets extremely hypervigilant when something in our apartment building has been broken, vandalized, or otherwise messed up. He pets Moo Moo gently, lets her smell him whenever she wants, and he is allowed to hug her more often than I am. Sometimes, she sleeps on his bed at night. I've been leaving Aaron's bedroom door cracked open at bed time so Moo Moo can travel as she pleases. 

Bed time used to be strictly at 8:00. When Aaron continued playing every night (because Master Thomas is in charge of this household, and I'm the one trying to get Aaron to bed), Master Thomas would wake up, make sure Aaron's bedroom light was kept on, scream at and slap Aaron "for waking him up after bed time", and yell at me for not having Aaron under control (I don't resort to violence, so Aaron knew I had no authority back then). Master Thomas would go back to bed and fall asleep instantly. Aaron would cry himself to sleep. Every single night. This was life in Stetzer Slavery Hell. Rule by Brutality. Routine by Force.

Bedtime now is quite the opposite of that. At 7:30, Aaron changes into his pajamas, and brushes his teeth. At 8:00, we either read a story or play a song on Alexa. Aaron cuddles into his sleeping bag, and plays with his computer toys for a few minutes to finish settling down. He falls asleep between 8:30 and 9:00, feeling loved and nurtured. 

Even the slightest reminder of Master Thomas is enough to send my son into a hypervigillant panic. Seeing vandalism in our apartment complex is hard enough for him… Aaron was also forced into two hostage-transfer Supervised Visits. After both, he was angry and fearful when I picked him up, and restless with nightmares that night. At school for at least two weeks after the first Forced "Visit", Aaron spent as much time hiding in corners and under tables as he did fighting with classmates and teachers. He'd frequently run away from the group. Aaron needed one-on-one attention. Within a week of Aaron recovering (mostly) from the trauma, Master Thomas demanded another Visit. Aaron was traumatized yet again, and everyone he knows suffered right at his side, for another two or more weeks of recovery. And Jim Crow Judge Jennifer Torrington wants this to happen twice a week. I can't put my son, and all of us, through that perpetuation of Stetzer Slavery Hell! We barely escaped from Hell with our lives and our home, and she's dragging us back! This torture is Ordered to continue until Master Thomas carries out his plots and threats to murder me and resume training Aaron to become another Serial Predator. 


That's why I'm fighting the American Civil War. I tried for 32 years to free myself, then my son, from the cycle of Abusive Captivity. Slavery can't end for anyone while my voice tries alone to speak out. The laws in place are painfully similar around the Nation. And children, like my Dad, myself, and Aaron, are being destroyed. We could have had much better potential than Slavery until Death! Dad was murdered on 22 July 1999. But Master Thomas hasn't managed to kill Aaron and me yet! We have this time of tentative freedom to secure a permanent freedom for ourselves, and everyone else who is Enslaved by this Domestic Captivity System. Legislation needs to be vastly improved, to protect survivors of Slavery, and allow us to keep the freedom we desperately fight for. Estranged parents who strive to improve their 

situation should be allowed to do so, and should be incentivised for succeeding. All positive efforts by all parties should first and foremost benefit the children, their wellbeing and potential.

This is a bright and beautiful era, where technology is readily available, and dreams can take flight! Master Thomas mandated a steady flow of violent action cartoons, and forbade my use of the barely operational laptop (no graphic arts or online business capabilities). He strictly monitored my Facebook wall, so I stopped using it. 

Since Operation Freedom, Aaron has taken an interest in Space Travel and Aliens, Animals and Nature (don't forget dinosaurs!), Computers and Technology, Construction and Art, Music and… well, basically everything. The world is fascinating to him! For Aaron's in utero development, and his first four years after, he was imprisoned by Thomas Stetzer's insatiable obsession over Control. If that part of his life is truly, finally, over, Aaron's potential is limitless! He can live a simple but fruitful life as a carpenter, mechanic, or craftsman. Or he can reach for the stars, and become a paleontologist, athlete, engineer, architect, lawyer, doctor, veterinarian, whatever Aaron wants to be. Aaron doesn't want to be a Slave, nor a slave owner! He must have that freedom to choose!

Only if released from the bonds of Slavery, will I be able to provide that miraculous future for Aaron. As a Slave-Turned-Entrepreneur, I can finally use my artistic skills to build a foundation for my family. If jewelry and apparel sales increase (if I can take time from the Civil War battle to do any marketing), I won't be reliant on welfare (and wishing to finally receive the Child Support payments) to take care of us. With the wonders possible on the Internet, I'll never be more than a few clicks away from jewelry supplies, no matter where we relocate to. I'll someday be able to load vending machines with my handmade products, without giving all of my sales revenue to some human "master". I can launch more and more graphic apparel on my Zazzle shop. If thirty people around the world buy a shirt today, thirty more can purchase the same design tomorrow. Digital replication to create tangible products… Imagine how far my efforts can go to assure independence for my family! I can even expand my Zazzle shop, to create a philanthropic branch, and raise funds for others in need of help from Operation Freedom and Hippieclectic Hope. Aaron can create designs and products too, to give himself a head-start on building a secure future for himself.

In the year since Operation Freedom, Aaron has been allowed to grow and thrive. He's unrecognizable compared to who he was last year. Imagine what Aaron could accomplish and become, from the ages of five to eighteen. Then as an adult, who barely remembers when Slavery hung over his head. Aaron's potential future is the focus behind my work to finally end the practices of Rape and Slavery. I can't and won't allow him to be dragged back into Stetzer Slavery Hell.

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