Promote professional practices in Western music education

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Mr Michael Elliott,



Dear Mr Elliott,

We, the undersigned, are parents whose children learn the piano with Mrs. Neena S Roy, as well as former students. We have had the pleasure of seeing our child grow musically over the years under the patient and expert guidance of Mrs. Roy. Apart from the ABRSM examinations Mrs. Roy has provided opportunities for workshops with maestros from the Liszt Academy and Warsaw (where some of our kids performed in an Indo-Polish collaborative project). We believe that the joys of music are essential to the development of our child and are delighted that Mrs Roy has been their teacher.

We are writing not only to express our gratitude to Mrs. Roy but to bring to your attention the unprofessional manner in which the ABRSM coordinator, Mrs. Sonia Khan, has been conducting the High Scorers’ Concert. Many of our children who would qualify for the concert were denied a place on grounds that were never explained. Children with lesser marks than ours did perform at the concert this year. Mrs. Khan has offered no explanation to us or to Mrs. Roy. In response to queries she has maligned and defamed Mrs. Roy, bringing up personal issues which are of no relevance to the High Scorers’ Concert or the functioning of the ABRSM. We write to express our shock and dismay at this sort of unethical behaviour, impugning the character of a teacher widely respected in Delhi and by us all. In our culture the teacher is a guru and it would not be an exaggeration to say that Mrs. Roy fits that role.

We hope you will take note of our concerns and amend the ways in which the ABRSM is run in Delhi. Our children have gained immensely from the ABRSM and we do not wish to see our children suffer further. As former students who have learned music from Mrs Roy we urge you to reestablish the credibility of ABRSM in North India.