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Allow Citizens The Right To Defend Themselves With Guns

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Its time to wake up Australia, we shouldn't be living in fear of having our businesses raided or our homes broken into by armed robbers, We deserve the constitutional right to defend ourselves with use of legally-owned guns against home intruders and armed robbers.

Since Gun Control laws were introduced in Australia-wide in 1996, Gun-related crimes soared in the first year of the new Gun Laws with armed robberies rising 44% and home invasions rising 21% and these numbers have continued to rise over the years.

These events are all as a result of the Gun Control laws implemented in 1996 which DO NOT permit citizens from defending themselves using firearms. Since these laws were implicated, criminals have been more confident raiding innocent homes and businesses as they no longer face the risk of being shot by an angry store-owner or home-owner.

These laws ONLY BENEFIT CRIMINALS, it is time for a change. Why can bikies and gangs can roam the streets, armed with firearms but the average, hard-working Australian cant legally defends themselves with a firearm? If a current gun-owner who owns a gun for sporting reasons aims at a criminal with intent to shoot, they will face jail-time and 8in mosrt cases, the criminal will be given a suspened sentence for firearm posession.

Police have been working since 1996 to remove illegal wapons from criminal hands but have failed numerous times, if they cant remove all the illegal weapons from circulation then the threat of gun-related crimes is still possibe.

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