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Lower Property Taxes in Toronto for Long-Term Residents: The Fight against Gentrification

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              Toronto has always been an evolving an ever-changing city. It's once low-built strip buildings are now massive condominiums, and on the whole the city has truly changed. Most of these changed communities are those that have been gentrified- a poor community that is renovated to house wealthier people. It cleans up the streets and makes the neighborhood better both socially and economically.

       What is the issue with Gentrification?

               The issue with Gentrification is not the wealth nor the evolution itself, but the fallout that it causes. Since the area is turned from a low-income area to a high-income area, many poor families that have lived there are now forced to move out, as rent becomes too high due to the new quality of life in that given area.

       How do we stop Gentrification?

                Gentrification is an issue that is incredibly difficult to stop. In most cases, it is a natural evolution of a community's socioeconomic status, just sped up due to various circumstances. This natural evolution is inevitable, and those that cannot adapt to the community's new economic status will suffer. What can be stopped, how ever, is the fallout that sudden gentrification will bring. The main issue is the movement of low-income families to other areas, and this can be prevented with my idea, lowering the costs of property taxes on long term residents.

            What will your plan do to help the issue?

                    My plan will help the issue by making it easier for low-income families to pay their rent, not forcing them to move out. Usually long-term residents have a low-income, so this method will be able to help them financially. As to the loss of money that the owners of the residence will have, it will largely be subsided by the new families who will join the residence due to the new policy.

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                     If you are an avid thinker and support justice, it is of your best interest to sign this petition. The petition is for a good cause, and will no doubt change our city for the better. More signatures mean a greater chance for people to see it. It is time to make a change- and you can do it now.

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