Let Ex-Convicts Vote

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Allowing Ex-Felons To Vote


Voting allows an individual to be part of the decision-making process that will affect their lives, and everyone has the opportunity to vote unless you are a convicted felon. Many people say voting is right as well as a privilege and that everyone should be able to vote to make sure the government is staying on track with what the people want. However, how can we get the full picture of what individuals want if we are not allowing a portion of the population to vote? Even though some states allow voting rights to be restored after the competition of the sentence and probation/parole, it does not seem fair to terminate voting privileges for a period of time. Ex-Felons should be allowed to vote because they are citizens of the United States and just because they committed a crime does not exclude them from being citizens or their right to vote.



                It is important that we allow ex-felons to vote because they are still citizens of the United States so why should they not be entitled to that privilege? The policies and laws that the politicians are making are still going to affect these individuals whether they vote or not, so why exclude them when in the end it will be affecting them? It is also important that we work to gain the thoughs and opinions of everyone who is living in this country so that the legislatures are able to have an accurate picture of what to be writing law and policies for. Allowing these individuals to vote can also help them with their re-entry process into society. If they can begin to understand having a responsibility such as voting, that can help them in the process of finding a job and paying their taxes.   


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