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Michael Bloomberg: Landlords to cease threats of retaliation to tenants! start repairs NOW!

Dear Michael Bloomberg, we come to desperately ask you for help.
Landlords of 2101 Avenue Z (Z Realty Corporation; 2101 Avenue Z LLC; WDGR Properties LLC) tried to force us out of our apartments. We stood up for our rights and stayed in our apartments. We took them to court just to hear their lawyer asking the judge for more time.

We, tenants, organized and came forward with licensed contractors and funds out of our own pockets to make repairs. As soon as we offered help to our landlords - doors to basement (where all repairs need to be made) were locked up with over-sized locks and we were told that we have no rights since it is too small of building for us to have any rights, we should just leave or else.

Ignoring all common sense and having no consideration for a Vietnam War retired nurse with health conditions and a three year old toddler, landlords made sure that it is unbearable and miserable to live in a building without water supply, no gas, no electricity or heat and broken doors for as long as possible. Making building completely unsafe to live in, even refusing to repair an entry door - leaving our building open for any criminal to roam. Neighbors down the block came together and helped us carry jugs with water up just so we could wash our hands and flush our toilets. They helped us with tools, extension cords and even pointed out who to talk to in city agencies.

Management's office (Z Realty Corp.) is located in a building next door to us, but it is too far for them to walk over to us and offer a tiny bit of support. They have made an effort to have us all sign a paper waiving all rights and settling all disputes.

We have put in more than a dozen complaints through 311 and were interviewed by New York Post and Wall Street Journal. We have talked to top officials of every city agency we reached out to: HPD, Red Cross, FEMA, Fire and Building Department. We were told that they are doing the best they can to help us, but they are limited by our landlords' actions, since our building is 1 apartment short of being rent-regulated (5 residential and 1 commercial unit) we really are dependent on our landlord to make the repairs.

We were told by city officials to call news channels and go public so that our voices are heard and our landlords are held responsible for our unnecessary suffering.

We decided to start this petition so that our Mayor hears the horror story our families are going through. Hurricane and fire were something nobody was prepared for. But the way our landlords are treating us is less than human, it is a disgrace to know that a veteran of US Army, who lived in the building for a quarter of a century is disrespected and was going to be kicked out onto the street by a businessman that has no respect for anything but money.

We have contacted your office and our Assemblywoman Helen Weinstein is well aware of our situation. Our neighborhood organizations and neighbors are supporting us in a fight for our lives, fight for our families, fight for our human rights. Meanwhile our landlords are fighting to get the biggest compensation possible from their insurance company.

This needs to stop, please make a stand for us and investigate our case.

Letter to
Michael Bloomberg
We have started this petition on December 22nd, with hope that it will change the course our landlord's actions and harrasement towards us and rest of his tenants.

Leonid Rubanov, Nataliya Dobronravov, Marat Gokhberg and a number of corporations registered to our address are playing a game of trying to punish us for exercising our rights as tenants.

We, as tenants, have been neglected long before Sandy superstorm, but since then we have witnessed our landlords become extemely abusive, to point of putting life of our 3 year old daughter in danger.

The lies and negligence of our landlords was witnessed, documented and reported to your desk by National Guard and you have been contacted by Assemblywoman's Helene Weinstein's office on our behalf.

We ask you to help us shed light on discrimination, all due to us knowing our rights and exercising them.

Me and my daughter got ill.
I lost my job because of my landlord threatening to toss our belongings into the street.
I am now recovering from a knee injury and now my landlord is retaliating against my family for not leaving his building when he ordered us to leave.


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