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Let’s make VOTING a National Holiday

"Participating in U.S. elections is dismal compared with that in other industrialized countries". CBS NEWS

Low voter turnout is a national crisis. In 2016, 40 percent of our voters’ voices went unheard. That means over 92 million eligible voters in America didn’t cast a ballot!

The number one reason for low voter turnout? Our vote doesn’t matter. 

The other major reason is due to the burdensome initiative placed upon voters casting their ballot – that is, simply in order to cast a vote, a person is forced to take unpaid time off their daily jobs, or wait in the long lines that form at the polls before and after work hours. Too many Americans simply opt out of their electoral responsibilities simply because of conflicting work schedules and the inconveniences placed upon them by State requirements.

The necessary steps for resolving low voter turnout are enumerated below: 

1- Make Election Day a National Holiday. It will fall on the first Tuesday of November of election year. To ensure every vote counts, and that every American is afford the convenience and ease to vote, NO one will be required to work on Election Day from 7a.m. to 7p.m. , with the exception of emergency service providers (police, fire, military, hospitals, etc.).

2 - For U.S. Military members who are serving overseas and those voting abroad, all votes shall be counted and reported to respective agencies 2 weeks prior to Election Day.

3 - In an effort to preserve the validity and impartiality of the Election Day process, our petition also calls to withhold ALL election results from the media and general public until nationwide polls have closed and EVERY VOTE has been counted.

4 - Once all votes have been tabulated and accounted for, then, on a day set-forth, all State Recorders and Governors will release the election results to the United States Speaker of the House, via a state-by-state role call.