Outlaw Conversion Therapy in Colorado

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Conversion therapy has taken too many lives in the past years while it has remained a legal practice on minors in most states. The Vice President currently supports an organization, Focus on the Family, which promotes sexual orientation therapy to change one’s sexuality. This practice does not work, is oftentimes dangerous for the participant, and provokes mental issues within its subjects that follow them throughout their lives. Should the Vice President influence any issues that concern the LGBT+ community, it will damage the progress that America has already accomplished for its youth. It’s time to take a stand against this. 

By securing a ban on conversion therapy in Colorado, minors will be protected from dangerous practices and parents will have to find ways to come to terms with their child's sexuality as there is no way to change it. Children and teens in the LGBT community need to feel accepted for who they are rather than feeling like they have a disease that can be cured. Alienating their sexuality in therapy and having them practice self-image destroying methods will only lead to mental health problems in the future with no real affect on their sexuality. There is currently no way of changing one's sexuality, nor is there a need for one. This outdated system needs to be put to a stop.

Banning sexual orientation therapy in Colorado may also influence other states to follow suit. Nine states have already banned it, but that still leaves most of America allowing it to continue. Once it is eradicated in every state, it may take time, but sexuality will slowly be persecuted less and less, such as in Supreme Court cases Loving v Virginia and Brown v Board. These cases concerned race, but over time, people became more accepting of black people. Americans realized the only thing separating the races are the color of their skin and the culture of their ancestors, but this does not affect how they're supposed to treat people today. 

I've never been sent to conversion therapy, but part of that reason may be because I haven't come out to my parents as bisexual. My mom would most likely become uncomfortable, but my dad would flat out refuse to talk to me. He's not as religious as his family in Texas, but he has strong conservative beliefs against the LGBT community. It's my privilege to not have to participate in a barbaric practice that wouldn't even work. I've read stories all my life about youths in my community that have lost their lives to conversion therapy, too mentally affected by the practice to continue living. Friends of mine have described the practice and how it was commonplace that people they took the therapy with would take their own lives. The practice belittles the subject until they hate more than just the homosexuality inside themselves. 

I would like to call upon Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner to propose a bill in the Senate and make it known that they're at least trying to make a change. The Supreme Court Case legalizing gay marriage was the start to a better, more accepting America. It's now up to Congress to work together to spark change in smaller, but still effective, ways. Homosexuality doesn't have to be something that parents are frightened of. As progress continues, and laws are made, all LGBT citizens across the globe will no longer face the persecution they have since the beginning of human civilization. 

Support the ban for conversion therapy in Colorado and sign with one click. Make it known to our Senators that their constituents not be silenced in their fight for equality.

Kind regards, 

Trinity Robertson

Student at Loveland High School