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Feminine Hygiene in Prisons

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Feminine hygiene is a very important thing to every woman not just because they want others to see them in some sort of way , but it is important for their health. Every woman has to deal with the dreaded word "periods" or menstrual cycle each month. Though women take care of that by purchasing the things they need like pads, tampons, and menstrual cramp pain killers. But there are women who don't have the liberty to purchase the things they need for that time of the month whether that is because they can't go out and buy them or they don't have enough money to purchase them. A women's menstrual cycle is not a decision so why should women have to pay to take care of something they didn't ask for. I'm sure every women would agree with me; PERIODS SUCK! Alright now back to the real issue women is prison don't have the funds nor the right to go out and purchase the things they need and the prison institution does not do a good job of making these things more accessible or affordable for them. In an article by the New York Magazine titles, " Menstruation can become humiliation in Prisons" by Alex Ronan it states, " at York Correctional Institution in Connecticut, where bunk mates received five pads per week to split...But even when inmates save them, with only ten per month, they can expect to wear a single pad for multiple days." You may ask why is it bad to wear a pad for too long? Well according to an article by iDiva titled, "Sanitary Napkin Etiquette Every Women Needs to Know" by Zahra Motorwala she states, " Menstrual blood is contaminated and wearing a damp pad for long is unhygienic and can lead to diseases such as skin rashes, urinary tract infection and vaginal infection. Ideally, you should change your pad every six hours but if you have a heavy flow, then you may need to change it more often." This explains why women shouldn't wear the same pad for too long and as you saw from my other quote some women go days without changing their pad which can lead to a variety of infections. Therefore I want to propose a change to the policies in women's prison regarding feminine hygiene products. Women in prison should receive free feminine hygiene products, it's not their fault they were born a female and have to deal with this dreadful thing once a month. Women in prison should not only be given feminine hygiene products free of cost, but they should also have a variety to choose from whether that be the type of pad they want or if they want to use a tampon, women should be able to decide and get good quality products for their well being.

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