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Michael Baisden Show Family:Tell Culumus Media and CEO Lewis W. Dickey to "Keep the Michael Baisden Show on the air!"

Today, I along with countless others learned that The Michael Baisden Show was cancelled due to what he described as a breakdown in negotiations with Culumus Media who’s Chairman, President and CEO is Lewis W. Dickey. In March 2003 Dixie Chicks lead singer and Texas-native Natalie Maines announced at a concert in England, "Just so you know, we're ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas." The president she was speaking of was George W Bush. Shortly afterwards Cumulus Media Inc. chairman Lewis W. Dickey imposed a 30-day ban on Dixie Chicks records as the will of the people and his individual program some radio station executives banned all Dixie Chicks songs for a month.

This ultimately became the subject of hearings in the U.S. Senate about media giants controlling the airwaves. The airwaves are supposed to be for everyone not just for those whose political views you agree with.


Cumulus Media is also the second largest carrier of the Rush Limbaugh Show!


 Lewis W. Dickey feels he has the right to silence some for expressing their political views even if it is on a very popular urban radio program whose topics are as broad as its listener base! This decision could not possibly only be about a breakdown in contract negotiations!  


“Family” we know for certain that aside from being a strong, outspoken African American man, Michael Baisden is a very outspoken democrat! This is more than an outrage and far from a coincidence; it is disrespectful and a blatant political attempt to silence a modern day leader to keep us uninformed and ignorant on the cusp of another brewing political storm!


The Michael Baisden Show   has been a much needed light in a land of urban media “buffoonery and folly”! What other radio program has actually given you the courage to not only start your own business but promote it for you as well? What other radio host has promoted the music of unknown artists on a regular basis? What other urban radio host has actually come from behind the microphone to stand up for what is just and fair for our son’s and daughters?

Would you have known about Jena 6 or Trayvon Martin? Would you have had the courage to leave an abusive relationship? Would you have known about the political many political issues that affect you and your loved ones?

Name one urban radio host that has taken up the cause of our missing children, featured one a week and many of those children were found alive! How many times has one of the myriad of topic on The Michael Baisden Show opened up honest conversation about racism, child abuse, single parenting, living your dreams, politics, health, the church, urban violence, sexuality, interracial relationships, mentoring, etc. and you ended up doing something that a lot of the powers that be spend long hours and a lot of money to make sure you don’t do….THINK!!!!

 This is becoming a disturbing trend in urban radio. Wherever there is a voice that informs and uplifts the community, it is silenced—replaced by personalities who are told to play the music and shut up…or else. Or keep cracking jokes and people won’t realize they’re not really saying anything of importance. 

To the owners and management of Culumus Media, listen closely; your timing could not have been worse. We are not just loyal listeners of The Michael Baisden Show, we are his “family”!   We will never accept your decision cancel "our” show without a fight! We need The Michael Baisden Show to continue to come into our homes, cars, and businesses to keep enriched, informed and united.  

When The Michael Baisden Show sounds the alarm we listen and we act! When The Michael Baisden Show commits to a cause it’s neither phony nor temporary! He doesn’t stop until we get results! 

“Family”, once again some entity is attempting to take away our power!The Michael Baisden Show has stood up for us over all of these years and taught us to stand up for ourselves. We can not allow Culumus Media to silence a true leader in our community! Now it’s our turn to stand up for Michael! 


You can continue to follow Michael us on Facebook and Twitter @BaisdenLive.


Please go sign the petition to keep The Michael Baisden Show on the air! More than any other urban radio program in history, The Michael Baisden Show truly does give power to the people! All People!




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  • Chairman, President and CEO of Culumus Media
    Lewis W. Dickey
  • Executive Vice President & Co-Chief Operating Officer of Culumus Media
    Jonathan G. Pinch
  • Executive Vice President & Co-Chief Operating Officer of Culumus Media
    John W. Dickey

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