Bring WiFi Back For GlenOak Students Who Need It

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For the past three years attending GlenOak High School, it has been a fairly good experience. We have great programs such as the STEM program, career tech programs, college readiness classes, and great opportunities such as Honors, AP, and IB Classes. We have great clubs and activities, and we excel in sports. However, there is one thing we no longer have: access to WiFi.

Maybe this doesn't sound like the worst problem, but here's why it is. GlenOak is a technology-oriented school, which means 80% of our assignments are required to be completed online. Now you see the problem.

Our parents pay taxes that go directly towards the betterment of the school. We pay for tickets to sports games in which the funds go towards the school. Many go to "fun drives" to benefit the school. Because of the recent tax cuts, GlenOak High School has been given even more money to improve. Then why is it that we are seemingly going in reverse?

Truth be told, there is a logical reason behind the recent WiFi ban. Students were connecting to the staff-exclusive wifi connection on their phones and using up all the bandwidth. This is a problem, but the honorable students who need to use the WiFi should not be punished because of a few misbehaving students. This hasn't been a problem for the past three years I've attended GlenOak.

So what can we do about it? There are many plausible solutions:

  • Simply bring back the WiFi for students, as it hasn't been a problem for the past three years that I've attended the school.
  • Upgrade the bandwidth, and make it available for all students. The money can come from the schools budget, which is currently being used to install trashcans on the walls, and certainly not towards fixing the parking lot.
  • Simply bring back the WiFi, and only punish those who abuse the bandwidth.
  • Create an application progress, so that only students who need the connection are able to use it. This would filter out all the unwanted activity.
  • Create a new WiFi connection, and allow those with their own devices to connect to it.

There are also many other solutions that can be brought up as well. Either way, something needs to be done... and fast. Currently, we're forced to use our own WiFi hotspots, running up the phone bills for us and our parents. This is completely uncalled for.

Please sign our petition so that we students at GlenOak High School have the same opportunity as any other High School student. Thank you.

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