Keep The Boy Scouts of America A-Political

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The Boy Scouts are an organization which is supposed to teach young men community service, good character, fellowship, and life skills for self improvement. It is NOT a political organization.  We call upon the Boy Scouts of America to:

  • Apologize for holding a partisan political rally for CHILDREN;
  • Hold adults responsible for booing the former POTUS, Barack Obama, at Mr. Trump's cat calls (What does THAT disrespect of the OFFICE teach their scouts?)
  • Offer education to all scouts nationally as to why political partisanship has no place in scouting.
  • Ask for the resignations or firing of anyone who put a man who clearly does not stay "on script" on stage who is also a documented and inveterate liar. He does NOT represent what is good about America, or the goals and values of Scouting.

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