Make Diwali an official school holiday

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Growing up as a Hindu MCPS student, I have always tried to find a spiritual connection to my religion. However I, along with my Hindu contacts, have felt a cultural disconnection due to the fact that there isn't enough time to  celebrate and take part in festivities. I strongly believe that Hindus, as a growing and flourishing community of hard working people, deserve a day off on our major holiday, Diwali. Some counties in Maryland already have the holiday of Diwali off from school. Many Hindu students do not attend school on this religious day as it goes against our beliefs to relax and remain spiritual, which affects their attendance. From there, even if we take days off, we still have to make up school work from the day of the holiday. In highly populated areas where there are many Hindu communities, which are continuing to grow every passing day, I along with my fellow MCPS Hindus, feel that it is a necessity to have at least Diwali as an official holiday for the county. It is understandable that other religious holidays receive an official day off due to their high population, however the Hindu population is only slightly less and is exponentially growing. In conclusion, we hope you consider making a change for the growing Hindu community. - Anisha S, Teeya S, Anika P. 

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