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A vote of no confidence in the Mayor of Rockhampton Regional Council.

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For far too long the ratepayers of Rockhampton Region have been dictated to by the Mayor, who has come to be known by many as Queen Margaret for the way she goes about our Electorate dictating her will.  It is not only Rockhampton that has been impacted but our neighbouring Shires as well- especially Livingstone which falls partly in the City limits of Rockhampton. 

With only minimal consultation, over $35 million is currently being spent on doing up two blocks of Rockhampton's CBD riverfront, involving the demolition of iconic structures and historic buildings, creating so called public spaces which have since been closed off to the public for private functions.  

With no public consultation whatsoever, our Mayor engaged in secretive talks with Adani and reached an agreement to spend $15.5 million dollars of Rockhampton ratepayers money, in another  Region of Queensland, on an Airport for Adani's chosen workforce.  It was falsely claimed that this would lead to FIFO job creation exclusively for our own population.

Mayor Strelow is autocratic with her staff and erratic in her temperament which has frequently impacted on her decision making.  She has of late spent far more time outside the Council boundaries, and indeed is often abroad, overstepping the normal duties of a Regional Mayor at the same time neglecting her own regions needs. She has terminated the services, without notice, senior Executives who refuse to do her bidding. 

She is enormously unpopular among ratepayers in the area, reflected in the fact Livingston Shire went to the trouble of ridding themselves of the yoke of Amalgamation under her reign and that less than one third of the RRC ratepayers voted for her at the last Local Government Election . Only  because of the splitting of the vote, by an unusually large number of candidates was  Margaret Strelow was elected Mayor of RRC by default.

Since then, at her insistence, the Council has squandered our rates money on projects only she and select Councillors and/or Executives were in favour of and which only became public knowledge after they were rammed through Council by the Mayor herself 

Twice in recent times, Mayor Strelow has sought to vacate her position on the RRC and seek higher office, first in Federal Politics and now State Politics.  Having failed miserably to gain pre-selection on both occasions, Mayor Strelow has then sought to damage the reputation of her own party for their having made the decision to deny her own political ambitions.

Mayor Strelow once more intends to leave her position of Mayor if she is successful in being elected to higher office running as an independent candidate for Rockhampton in the upcoming Queensland State elections. The extensive property portfolio, (including her latest purchase of at least one apartment under construction in a new tower block recently approved by her Council on land formerly set aside for the expansion of the Rockhampton Art Gallery but sold by her Council the development), and the enormous superannuation fund that she has accumulated whist Mayor does not seem to be enough.

Margaret Strelow by her actions has shown disloyalty to the ratepayers and disloyalty to the Political party which it is now apparent she joined only to further her own political career.  She has let the infrastructure of our City deteriorate through lack of maintenance and instead had our rates squandered on unpopular and expensive projects, often using materials imported form abroad when equivalent material was available in our own region.

We need a Mayor who works with our neighbouring Shires for the betterment of the whole of CQ and not one who alienates them by doing secret-squirrel deals to the disadvantage of the ratepayers who live next door to us in favour of the citizens of another country. 

The time has come for Margaret Strelow to step down so that a more locally orientated and less ego driven person be found to do the much needed job of looking after the day to day needs of our neglected city and the other towns within our own regional boundaries.   






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