Prevent Dog Abandonment by Making Desexing Necessary

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Dogs are abandoned and brought to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) too often. Most of the dogs that come to the AFCD are the result of irresponsible owners who didn't desex their dogs once they got them. Because of that, those very dogs lose their lives within four days if they can't be rehomed. This is a serious issue because 7,000 dogs get killed at the AFCD a year, that's 20 dogs a day. This also isn't just about the dogs getting killed but also about the rescue process that happens after they are abandoned. Some rescue agencies do let their dogs be killed and wait for them to go into foster care or for them to find a forever home. Other agencies still kill their dogs if it takes too long for them to find a home. But, you can stop that. You can end this horrible cycle just by doing one simple thing when you take your dog (or other pet) to the vet. Desex. Desexing your dogs will not just make sure that they do not mate with other dogs but it will also ensure that they will not get abandoned and it will be financially easier. 

Please, desex your dog.