Review of LHC decision on Khadija VS Shah Hussain Case

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Khadija Siddiqi a common citizen of Lahore was stabbed and left to die in-front of her young sister, multiple eye witnesses & video records. LHC sentenced Shah Hussain the accused to 7 years, later reduced to 5 years & acquitted yesterday from charges and set free.

It merely takes 24 hours to flee Pakistan & for a person like Shah Hussain, it is certain that he will take this opportunity to flee the country and make mockery of our justice system.

We as people of Pakistan demand the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar to review the case decision by LHC & bring the culprit to justice. Any harm to Khadija or anyone in similar circumstances will be considered blood on the hands of State & Judiciary - specially LHC.