Calling on Miami University of Ohio to Double its Student Body Diversity

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We call on Miami University of Ohio to double its enrollment of students from underrepresented racial minority, working class, and low-income backgrounds over the next five years. 

Miami University enrolled a lower percentage of working class and low-income students than every other public college in America, outside the College of William and Mary between the years 2015 and 2017. While some 30% of four-year college students nationwide and in Ohio received federal Pell Grant aid between 2015 and 2017, at Miami, not even 11% of first-year students at its main Oxford campus were Pell Grant recipients. 

Miami University calls itself the “Original Public Ivy,” but lags well behind the Ivy League in enrolling low-income students and historically underrepresented racial minorities. According to the U.S. Census13% of Ohio residents are African-American, but only 4.3% percent of Miami University undergraduate students are. At Miami’s main campus, only 3.6% of undergraduates in 2019 were African-American. 

Everyone will benefit if Miami University makes a more meaningful commitment to diversity. We live in a diverse nation too often divided along the lines of class and race. As universities prepare students for success in the workplace and life, exposure to a broad range of perspectives, identities, and experience will help everyone succeed.

As the second oldest public college in America, Miami University continues to be and has been supported by the taxpayers of Ohio for almost 200 years. We believe that with current and historic amounts of public support comes public responsibility on the part of Miami University, including making a meaningful commitment to diversity and socioeconomic mobility. 

Diversity should be valued and treated as a strength at Miami University, in our state, and in our country.