Say NO to allowing a GAS STATION on OUR Miami Shores Village waterway!

Say NO to allowing a GAS STATION on OUR Miami Shores Village waterway!

1,507 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
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Started by Carol Eannace

Petition to Stop Zoning Change at 10500 Biscayne Boulevard

South Carolina company Stern Development is applying for a zoning change prior to its purchase of 10500 Biscayne Boulevard on Biscayne Canal.

This once Julia Tuttle-owned property has been historically zoned multi-family A2 and is adjacent to residential homes in Miami Shores. Developers wish to re-zone to commercial B-2.

Plans call for construction of a Murphy’s gas station, convenience store, Aspen Dental, and Chipotle restaurant on the one-acre site.

Hundreds of neighboring residential home owners are up in arms about numerous health, safety, and Quality of Life concerns if this zoning change is passed by Miami Shores Village Council:

  • Gasoline leaks into Biscayne Canal and nearby Biscayne Bay
  • Fire, explosion, and toxic fumes from the gas station
  • Increase in crime
  • Noise pollution and light pollution
  • 5 am to 1 am business hours
  • Increase in traffic on already overburdened Biscayne Boulevard

On October 28, Miami Shores Village Planning & Zoning Board voted 4-0 to recommend denial of the proposed zoning change, yet at the November 16 Village Council meeting, on first reading, council ignored Planning & Zoning advice and voted 3-2 to allow the zoning change. This was despite an overwhelming community appearance and written response in opposition to the change.

Neighbors feel that their voices are being ignored in favor of detrimentaldevelopment to the area, risking disaster in favor of empty promises.

2nd Reading and a possible vote on this issue could be Tuesday, 18 January.  

Did you know that the Busy Bee Car Wash, immediately north of this property was a gas station years ago?  And that the underground storage tanks leaked, which required remediation?  And this remediation took 30 years to resolve?  

Please Miami Shores residents, voice your concerns!  If you haven't signed this petition, please do so.  Call your council members and send them letters.  We can't allow more degradation to Biscayne Canal and Biscayne Bay.

For more information, see the website:

Please sign this petition to stop the zoning change at 10500 Biscayne Boulevard.

1,507 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!