Lowered the hesi score to 10 % of the grade

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During this semester and the VIRTUAL learning experience we have had some difficulties during exams. The Associate of Nursing class would like to have the HESI exam for NURSING CONCEPT III  ,and CARE OF THE MOTHER OF NEW BORN lowered to 10% of the total class grade ,as in previous semesters. We did not succeed in the Kaplan exam and would not like to have the same situation repeat and have it take a great part of our final grade.want to solve the situation about the HESI exam , WE THINK THAT A NEW SCORE IS SO HIGHER  AND IT IS NOT A GOOD MOMENT TO INCREASE THE VALUE OF THE HESI SCORE  IS NOT FALL FOR US , THIS SITUATION ABOUT PANDEMIC WAS STRESSFUL TO EVERYONE  is to hard and the virtual clases is not in off to do the hesi with that higher score .