Refuse to move to a virtual learning program for clinical

Refuse to move to a virtual learning program for clinical

June 1, 2020
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Angel Garcia Miami Regional University. FNP Faculty and
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Started by Erik Quintero

To whom it May concern:
Yesterday, some students received a notification by email that a Mandatory clinical session through Shadow Health Software Systems will be required to succeed and complete our semester.
As a student we have different concerns:
First: We’re are 5 weeks after the initiation of this semester (Summer-MSN-6050), and most of our students never worked with Shadow Health before. We are attending to the clinical site previously arranged with the Directors and management of every clinical site. They just not are open to serve our community, they are also forced to protect them.
             As a healthcare worker, we’re exposed every day, to diseases like a novel COVID-19, and we’re proud to continue to serve our community in every single form needed, from our school to our work site. We all are following CDC guidelines to provide better service and continuing to protect our families and community. Our clinical site is also rewarded with our help, building a strong professional, and trusted relationship.
            Second: We renewed that preceptor package just one month ago. They’re expecting us to continue to help them. To complete those requirements, we also had to incur extra expenses such as Castle Branch. (only needed to meet health status on students that will participate on clinical site); We were also asked to buy a liability insurance policy to be able to meet those requirements (liability insurances are sold for one-year coverage).
            Third: It is also well known that Shadow Health software is not the best resource for Maternity (Woman Health Care). For those students that are rotating for OB/GYN office, those experiences are impossible to replace.
We don’t see where is the improvement to mandatory switch to a virtual program. Most of our students chose this program for the advantage of being in live classes. Most of them moved from other states to the city to be able to meet the school requirements’. Students were traveling, from many different cities across the state of Florida to our school. Including changing form other top online programs well established across the nation.
            Are you considering all the efforts made for our students to stay and graduate from our current program?
We understand that COVD-19 is a novel situation that had changed our lives in many ways. However, our country, states, counties are slowly opening and we all expected to be back to our normality one day. Because all clinical sites are also required to meet CDC and governments’ guidelines. Extra protection still implementing across the nation to keep social distance and other protection actions to keep everybody safe.
We also understand that few students may have found it difficult to attend to a clinical site. That is why Shadow Health software still a valuable tool for our school. However, not for mandatory, with the intention to substitute, the traditional way, and the one that we all where agreed to sign at the beginning of this journey.
Therefore more, we the students ask by this way to reconsider decision took it. We would like to ask or at least have a meeting with both parts (students and faculty), to determine what is the interest for both sides.
Best Regard.
The students of MRU.


This petition made change with 293 supporters!

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