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Gratitude and Good News!

After one very long and hard month, I am writing this thanks to you with the utmost gratitude that lies within my heart for each and every one of you. Endless thanks to all those who have supported, signed, and spread awareness of my story. I truly appreciate you. You are each an integral part of leading up to where I am today, giving you the good news. 

My charges have been dropped! All of your voices have been heard and with the biggest thanks in my heart, thank you for using your voice and allowing for this justice to be served. 

Below, I have attached a link to a LaunchGood campaign, put together with CAIR FL, if you are eligible to donate or even share the link, it would be greatly appreciated.

1. To cover any costs in the defense of Alaa including bail and court costs. 
2. To cover costs in a civil suit against the police department and jail to hold them accountable and ensure this doesn’t happen again. 
3. To support a campaign to change all police department polices in Florida to protect the hijab of Muslim women arrested. 
4. To support organizations standing up for Black Lives that Alaa is involved with including Fempower bail fund, The Sound, and it’s medic team

Once again, endless thanks and gratitude for all your support. 


United we stand, united we fight.

- Alaa Massri

alaa massri
9 months ago