Miami Dade Police Internal Affairs Unit REFUSE to Investigate The Cops That Brutally Beat My Son

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This is important to me because my son was beaten by several cops (both men and women) within this agency because he ran from the police. Once he surrendered to a female cop by lying on the ground and placing his hands behind his back to be restrained, she ran up to him and kicked him in his head while yelling to the other cops, "he's over here." They joined her and they kicked and beat him until skin was missing on both sides of his face as a result of turning side to side on the asphalt in an attempt to get relief from being kicked and hit. He was punched and hit with what he believes was a flash light which caused him to have a hole over his eye and 3 or 4 holes in his face. Skin was missing underneath his chin, from the back of his forearms and his hair was ripped from his scalp. He said he was bleeding profusely and vomiting after being beaten, but yet he was told to sit up so a cop of another race could take his picture with his personal HTC cell phone.
I filed a complaint October 19, 2012 and I called to check the status of the investigation October 24, 2012 and I was told that my complaint was received, reviewed and in the process of being given to an investigator. However, on October 26, 2012 and the days to follow, some officers retaliated by filing false charges against my son and they utilized the names of people they previously arrested as their victims to do it. In doing so, they committed 2nd and 3rd degree felonies and I want them to be held accountable. This was their attempt to SHUT ME UP. They eventually responded to my complaint on March 7, 2013 via email, but it was only to thank me for notifying them about what had occurred. I responded March 12, 2013 by asking them to advise me of the status of the investigation, but the investigator did not respond back. I contacted my local FBI office May 14, 2013 and spoke to an agent who asked me to send the investigator another email and give him another chance to respond, to which I complied. However, the investigator responded via email by asking me to call him via land line and I replied by saying I'd rather our conversations be recorded in writing so I can prove what was said. He then replied by saying tell your son or his lawyer to call me. He still refuses to investigate the officers that beat my son.
After beating him, they escorted him to Jackson Memorial Trauma Center to be treated and eventually I received two doctor bills for $35,911 and $1,076. I want the cops responsible to be held accountable for their crime and that won’t happen if an investigation is not complete. Integrity is the backbone of every law enforcement agency and a department will not be successful if it doesn't have the trust of the people it serves. We are fortunate to have a professional, well-respected organization such as the Miami-Dade County Police Department. Unfortunately, a few police officers have betrayed the oath they took and must be held accountable for their actions. If cops investigate cops, then who will help us when they wrong us? No one has assisted me with my complaint in 1 year and 6 months!