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Drop all charges against Tremaine McMillan.

The police should protect the public, not be the thing we need protection from. On a Miami beach, multiple grown (and armed) men tackled an unarmed 14-year-old boy and wrestled him to the ground, injuring Polo, the puppy he was holding, in the process. Adding indictment to injury, Tremaine McMillan has been charged with resisting arrest, a felony that could ruin his life before it has even truly begun. All of this started with Tremaine McMillan "giving the officers 'dehumanizing stares' and 'clenching his fists'", according to Steven Hsieh of (Read full article here: The charges against this young man should be dropped, he should be issued an official apology, and the City of Miami should pay for any vet bills incurred as a result of Polo's injuries. Please sign this petition and let's start holding our police responsible for failing to protect us and serve us.

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