Decriminalize Sex Work in Miami-Dade County

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Sex workers on all levels whether it be virtual or full service, face an increased risk of police violence and discrimination. Sex workers are excluded from financial relief bills, and face discrimination in accessing housing and other jobs. Further discrimination of sex work on digital platforms such as Instagram and Facebook eliminates another necessary source of income to survive. The risk increases for Black/Trans & GNC sex workers. 


Sex workers in Miami Dade County demand the decriminalization of sex work, the decarceration of sex workers and upon decriminalization sex workers criminal records be expunged. 

We demand the defunding of MDPD/MPD task forces which target sex workers and put them at higher risk. 

We demand rights for sex workers such as housing, labor and health including the right for clients access to ensure safety for the provider and client. 


We demand the appeal of SESTA/FOSTA and demand that all legislation which regards sex workers as “unintended consequences” or “collateral damage” such as the EARN IT act be tabled indefinitely.