Ordinance Regulating Animals within Miami Dade County City Limits

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Did you know that Miami-Dade County and other Florida municipalities regulate the keeping of domesticated animals, including "livestock", on residential parcels within City Limits? 

Our beautiful potbellied pigs are considered "livestock" and not allowed in any Miami Dade county residential homes. As an animal rights advocate I wish to create a change for the wellbeing of potbellied pigs and homeowners that are forced to rehome their pet pigs due to Miami Dade County ordinance. 

On the other hand, many cities in Florida specifically mention potbellied pigs and generally permit residential owners to keep potbellied pigs by including a special section on them in their municipality code, either within the "Domesticated animals" section of the "Animals" article or chapter of their code, or within the "Livestock and Fowl" section of the "Animals" article or chapter.

As we all may already know Pot Belly Pigs are the smartest of the smartest mammals; reach the intelligence of a 3-4 year old child. Many Livestock Association when asked also viewed Pot Bellies as Pets and not livestock. Many veterinarians view and treat pot bellies as pets. They are also trained as support animals and welcomed in pet friendly Hotels and allowed to traveled in some Airlines. Mini Pigs can be microchipped because they are domesticated companion pets.

We want our City Officials to see our Pot Bellies as a friendly, intelligent, clean, sweet and quiet pets. To support this change we need your signature acknowledging you wish to support the keeping of pot bellied pet pig in your residential home without City Ordinance restrictions.