Overturn Ban of Pit bull Breed in Miami-Dade

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I have volunteered at the Animal shelter in Miami-Dade. To see all those puppy faces in a kennel as small as a closet is heartbreaking, they looked awefully sad and helpless and a big number were bully breeds or mixes of the pit bull breed. It's not fair.

I own a pit bull myself and they are the most loyal and loving dogs, when raised right. It seems ridiculous to me that there are 2 counties right next to each other, one with a ban, the other without. Why are these dogs getting punished for the actions of selfish people? Shelter dogs and prisoners in jail are treated very much alike, with the dogs being innocent of any crime. This law on Miami- Dade is restricting so many people to adopt these amazing dogs that are just hoping for another chance. Then people wonder why some go in their backyard and breed puppies. One reason might be for money (selfish), but the other might be because they're not allowed to have the type of dog they desire because of foolish ban.

For people pro Pit bull bans, educate yourself. Be around a pit bull that has been well taken care of. Elderly people always come up to me to pet my pit bull and hug and kiss him, because they know. They were around when these dogs had no problem being what they are, DOGS, and family dogs at that. Now they're dogs being treated like monsters. 

These are domesticated dogs, not wild animals from the jungle. A whole breed should not be punished because of a certain number that were TRAINED to be aggressive fighters. Too many pups and sweet adult dogs are euthanized because they are forbidden to go to happy homes in Miami. Let's change this around. Punish the humans not the dogs.

Sign this petition guys, I'm going to make one until it makes a difference. They deserve to be adopted anywhere and everywhere, and have a real life too.