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Miami-Dade County Acknowledge and Assert THAT SW 272 ST is a ROAD AND TAKE ACTION

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A huge "fish farm"  is being built West of 217th Avenue on the North side of Southwest 272nd  Street and is claiming that Southwest 272, a local, rural. unpaved street does not exist.  To date, WITHOUT proper permits, they have attempted to fence off the north half of the road. That was stopped.   However, there have been large power poles placed down the center of what should be the road to service the huge electrical needs of their project.  Whether those power poles were place there with permits or without permits has yet to be determined. Whatever, they don't belong in the middle of Southwest 272nd Street.  I know that road has been there since the mid-70's and there is ample evidence that it does exist. It is on county web site maps,  commercially produced maps, has county produced and placed street signage at the intersection naming it as such and has been used for years.   Regardless, the residents and businesses on the South Side of Southwest 272 Street may be in for a long and expensive legal battle to uphold their rights.  They use that road to service their homes, farms and businesses.  They need that road now and. will continue to need it in the future,to provide access and services to their homes and business, ensure their livelihoods, property values, and  to grow their businesses.  They are pitted against a Huge multi-million dollar Corporation, the classic David and Goliath battle.  We are circulating this petition requesting that the County "take all necessary action to require the removal of the encroachments on the right of way for a public road located at SW 272 Street, between 217 Ave and 227 Ave/aka Epmore Drive".  If you would be willing to assist us by signing this petition we would be VERY grateful for your support.  If you are an "Oldie Goldie" like me and can attest to the fact that the road has been there since the 60's, 70's or 80's your signature is "Golden" as is mine.  If you can attest to the road being there in the 60’s 70’s or 80’s, please type the  earliest year you know that the road was there after your name.  Example : Ima Citizen 1974. Even if you have never driven on that road or ever will, you may sign this petition.  Every signature is one step closer to our goal and is welcomed.  Thank you in advance for your support.  We truly need you.

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