Confirmed victory

Head Start programs in Miami Dade County are facing significant cuts that can lead to the loss of Head Start Services to some children and families in Miami Dade County. We need advocates for Early Childhood Education who understand the importance of supporting Head Start programs throughout the county. The Board of County Commissioners will be holding a budget hearing next week (September 19th) to discuss the County’s 2013-2014 budget. There is a possibility that the County will implement Sequestration budget cuts for all Head Start programs. As a result of the sequestration for the 2013-2014 budget year, Head Start programs throughout Miami Dade county is facing a $2.9 million cut in funding.The Mayor’s office originally promised to support the county’s Head Start program by subsidizing the sequestration cuts using funds from the County’s budget. This can only happen if the Board of County Commissioners vote use general funds to subsidize the Head Start Program. We need everyone to advocate for all children in this county.

Letter to
District 12 Commissioner Jose "Pepe" Diaz
District 11 Commissioner Juan Zapata
District 7 Commissioner Xavier Suarez
and 7 others
District 6 Commissioner Barbara Sosa
District 5 Commissioner Bruno Barreiro
District 10 Commissioner Javier Souto
District 4 Commissioner Sally Heyman
District 9 Commissioner Dennis Moss
District 8 Commissioner Lynda Bell
District 13 Commissioner Esteban Bovo
Please support the Head Start Program in Miami Dade County by voting to subsidize the Head Start Sequestration cuts to the program. Your vote to fill the budgetary gap that has been caused by Sequestration for Head Start programs across the county will go a long way in enabling us to provide quality services to children and families. Investing $2.9 million dollars for the Head Start program is a small investment that will go a long way in providing children and families access to much needed help. Your support will demonstrate a commitment to ensuring that needy children in the county get desperately needed educational, nutritional, health, and social services that the Head Start program offers. Every dollar invested in Early Childhood Education pays dividends tenfold over the lifetime of these children.