Save Miami-Dade's Redland!

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M Pikarsky
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Miami-Dade is home to unique agricultural land and it is imperative we preserve it for future generations! The historic Redland area has always provided essential rural traditions for Miami-Dade residents and is the weekend oasis for our local community. Generations of Miamians have enjoyed farmers markets, cinnamon rolls, milkshakes, exotic fruit, horseback riding, rodeos, and scenic drives to name a few. Our tropical climate provides us with a year-round growing season, as well as the ability to produce a special range of crops like orchids and rare tropical fruit. Our agricultural land also protects environmentally sensitive areas, provides a critical wildlife corridor for the Everglades, and protects our precious future supply of drinking water.

Miami is well known for its beaches and cities, but we are also home to a billion dollar agricultural industry. Miami-Dade leads the State in the production of tropical vegetables, tropical fruits and ornamental nurseries, and ranks second in the production of winter vegetables and ornamental fish. Additionally, Miami-Dade's agricultural industry provides employment opportunities for more than 20,000 people.

Miami-Dade County staff has determined there is no need to include agricultural areas in the proposed boundaries allowing for development, especially the historic Redland area. Florida State law and County code currently protects agricultural land from inclusion in development areas in order to avoid urban sprawl. However, a small group of self-interested lobbyists who no longer support agriculture are attempting to amend the current rules and push development further into our agricultural designated areas, taking this unique area and potential opportunities from future generations. 

Please sign this petition to let the Board of County Commissioners know that you support the recommendation of the Miami-Dade County Planning Department to strengthen the protection of the historic Redland area by more clearly defining Redland boundaries and excluding this historic agricultural area from consideration in moving the Urban Development Boundary. By supporting your local farmers and Redland agricultural community, you will help keep our agricultural land green for future generations to enjoy!

Want to help even more? Join us on January 23, 2020 at 9:30am at the Board of County Commissioners hearing, 111 NW 1st Street (Government Center) or call your local County Commissioner and let them know that you enjoy our farmland and want it preserved for yourself and your children!