Grant a lease to SoBe Cats & Saving Sage to continue using the building at 8128 Collins

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This petition seeks community support for a lease for SoBe Cats and Saving Sage to continue operating the Kitty Campus out of the building at 8128 Collins Avenue. The Kitty Campus benefits the community by providing a location for cat adoption, volunteer opportunities and helps to reduce the stray and feral cat population of Miami Beach. 

There are approximately 15,000 stray or feral cats on Miami Beach. They need to be Trapped, Neutered, Vaccinated and Returned (TNVR'd) OR placed in homes. TNVR stabilizes the free-roaming cat populations by ENDING reproduction. One unspayed female can produce up to 18 kittens PER YEAR! Placing non-feral cats in homes gets them off the streets and into loving homes. 

The Kitty Campus, operating out of the previously vacant building at 8128 Collins Avenue, has already been a huge success.  The Kitty Campus non-profit team (SoBe Cats, Saving Sage, Operation Paw and Love is Feral) executed a TNVR (Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return) Event with the Miami Dade Animal Services MAC (Mobile Animal Clinic) truck a couple weeks ago where they were able to assist 103 cats in one weekend...83 cats trapped for TNVR and 20 cats processed that will be fixed and placed in loving homes.   All of the complex staging and administration was held in The Kitty Campus building and the 30’ MAC surgery truck fit perfectly in the large lot.  A perfect set up. 

The TNVR events are extremely helpful, but ongoing trapping must also occur.  Since The Kitty Campus does not provide vet services, when cats are trapped at night, they need a secure place to stay until surgery locations open. The building at 8128 Collins Avenue is a perfect location for this purpose. 

Non-feral cats need a clean and safe place to stay while they are prepared for adoption. The Kitty Campus has a room for cats to be quarantined until vetted; then moved to another room to roam and play with potential adopters.

In the short 8 weeks the building has been occupied, close to 100 cats have been fixed and processed for adoption and just over 100 for TNVR.

We would like to execute a lease with the City of Miami Beach so we can continue to provide this valuable service on an ongoing basis.