Get State Semi-Final and Final Games for Massachusetts Spring Sports Approved

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The MIAA Tournament Management Committee recently voted to schedule only regional playoffs for the upcoming Spring 2021 High School Sports Season. In other words, the MIAA currently has no plans to organize a Massachusetts State Semi-Final or State Final Championship Competition for each sport, which would involve merely scheduling three more games at the end of the season. The purpose of this petition is to provide a shared platform for spring athletes, and other community members, to raise a common voice against the MIAA’s decision, while also urging the Tournament Management Committee to reconsider its decision, which we believe was made prematurely.

During last year’s Spring Sports Season, my fellow student-athletes and I shared in the heartbreak of the Class 2020. We watched helplessly as a pandemic out of anyone’s control took hold, slowly taking away our season in the process. Our only solace was the hope that we would see the fruits of our continued dedication realized this year during the competition for a Massachusetts State Title. Now, we are once again faced with the prospect of being denied the chance to compete; however,  now it is clear that this situation is within the control of the MIAA. 

Throughout this past school year, the MIAA has worked to maximize the competition opportunities for Massachusetts student-athletes. Yet now, with new Covid-19 cases declining and effective safety protocols for sports already established, they have prematurely decided against the possibility of a State Semi-final and Final, citing other summer activities or sporting events as a barrier for finishing the season. We are totally certain that the overwhelming majority of spring athletes would elect to stay and compete for a State Championship should one of our teams make it that far in the playoffs. To demonstrate that widespread support exists for a State Playoff among student-athletes, I am asking you to sign this petition and share the link online so it can be presented to the MIAA Tournament Management Committee.


Owen Fanning, 


Needham Boys’ Volleyball Team