Show Gayby Baby, stand up to homophobes

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Bad directives must be broken- we are behind you Burwood Girls!

Dear supporters, In a little more than 24 hours more than 2000 people have signed this petition. The Guardian reports that Burwood Girls did not receive a single complaint from parents about the screening of Gayby Baby- but there has been a groundswell of support for the school, the film, and the excellent students' statement defending the original plan to screen the documentary. When Liberal politicians stand in the way of inclusive, diverse, respectful public education their directives cannot be respected. We cannot wait for the Liberals to catch up- the days of censorship, shame and fear mongering should be well and truly over. The homophobic hysteria from the Daily Telegraph, Mike Baird and Adrian Piccoli makes student access to documentaries affirming the humanity of same-sex couples and their children even more important. We encourage Mia Kumar and the BGHS school community to take this important opportunity to strike a blow against homophobia and screen the film to students during the school day. All those who stand for equal, civil rights are behind you! And for those who can make it this Sunday, Community Action Against Homophobia have called an action at the office of the Daily Telegraph to protest the documentary ban:

Lucy Honan
6 years ago