Get drunk/high drivers off the streets faster by expediting the toxicology report timeline

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My wife was at a red light earlier this year when she was suddenly rear ended by a drunk/high driver going almost twice speed limit. She ended up in the ICU and has been going through physical therapy and concussion therapy for the last 3 months. Since the driver admitted to smoking marijuana in addition to drinking it is accepted practice for the officer in charge to order a blood sample instead of a breathalyzer. His blood was drawn and he was released until the toxicology report comes back. I was informed that this toxicology report can take up to 6 months in the state of Michigan. In our case we know that there is a previously convicted felon with no regard for the law (proven by his previous multiple felony's and arrests) who just seriously injured an innocent person and gets to live as though nothing happened for 6 months. I hope and pray that our justice system will do its job, however in this case and so many other similar cases the process of justice cannot even begin until the toxicology report comes back.

It's easy to try and find someone to blame, instead help me fix the problem!

It has come to my attention that the caseload that the Michigan State Police(MSP) Laboratory in Lansing has is way higher than the countries average. By adding 4 Forensic Scientists we can help them catch up on their backlog of forensic cases and expedite the time it takes for detectives, prosecutors and judges to get the toxicology report in hand so they can help arrest, try and convict drunk/high drivers in our State in a timelier fashion.

The numbers: the median salary income for a forensic scientist working for the MSP is $50000, to hire 4 more scientists you are looking at a cost of approximately $300,000 a year when you add salary and benefits. The total budget for the MSP this Fiscal year is $649,000,000. That would be an increase of less than 0.05%

Senators Dave Hildenbrand, Mike Nofs and Arlan Meekhof and House Representatives Aaron Miller and Winnie Nofs please help appropriate funds to hire 4 more forensic scientists so that we can get drunk/high drivers off our streets before they injure or kill somebody else!

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