Bring Back Michigan High School Football!!

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This past Friday, after weeks of practice, conditioning, and 2-a-days, MHSAA made the decision to postpone Fall Football and attempt to play it in the spring...which many think would be a disaster for so many reasons.

Michigan schools were following every Covid protocol handed down by Governor Whitmer and the CDC. No deaths or extreme illnesses arose from these practices. This is because children under the age of 18 have such a minuscule chance of death/serious illness from the corona virus. The number is so small that that age group is not even included on most graphs showing the daily death tolls in the state of Michigan.

Michigan High School Football wasn’t just taken away from our kids, but it was taken from our coaches, our families, and our communities. We know the entire country is struggling right now, as is many families who have lost love ones to this virus, but there comes a point where as we have to move forward and we have to start considering the mental health of the kids in this country.

Some may not understand how much of an impact sports being taken away will have on our children, but as us parents, coaches, educators, grandparents, friends, and doctors can agree...the effects will be far greater than the virus could ever be for them.

We stand with MHSAA in their initial efforts to go forward with Fall Football. We appreciate MHSAA director, Mr. Uyl’s, efforts and his pain in this decision. But we are asking him to reverse his decision. We are asking him to go with the 60/40 vote placed by almost 600 Michigan High Schools to move forward with Fall Football. We are asking Governor Whitmer to stand with us in putting our kids mental health first.